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Procedure of an application
After you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by other admins.

If your application has been given enough ratings, the Master League Admin will decide if you will be taken or not.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with further information and Admin rights. After that you will be instructed by an experienced admin, so you can deal with all important stuff yourself.

There is one exception: If there is no current need for new admins or if there are no tutors, you will get on the waiting list.

If your application is rejected, you will also receive an e-mail with the reasons for the rejections.
How should an application look like?
The most important fact is that this application is made by yourself. If you are really interested in being an admin, you should invest the time to make a decent application. This means also you should not copy any application from scene sites or re-use one from friends. Your application is the opportunity to give us a closer look to your own personality and intentions and not from someone else.

Write some sentences about yourself and your current or former community's activities. Give also some words about why you should get admin and what you personally think how the the work could looks like. The most important fact is fair-mindedness - make sure that your application tells us the truth.

Before you write your application choose the right section there is no garantuee you can change it afterwards, because you would like to help in CS but applied for ICQ. Based on all this facts please think carefully about what you write and where you apply. Application with two or three lines wont be accepted and will probably be rejected.
Frequently asked questions
Who will be in charge of my Application?
In general every admin is able and allowed to rate every application. Normally only the game admins of the specific section will do this. This also includes a detailed check and maybe a personal meeting with you. But there is absolutly no need to kiss some admins asses to maybe have a better chance to become admin. The final decision if you will get admin or not is up to the section leader ('Master League Admin') together with the team.
Write about your experience with the game

Explain active penalty points or bad behaviour from your past

Remember to write your application in (proper) English

Take some time to write your application and check it for spelling (punctuation, slang, ...) before you send it

Do not send applications consisting of 10 or less sentences or ca. 200 words

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