Team Excellent vs. The dancing ones
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 Team Excellent
 The dancing ones
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MatchID 15678556
Date Sunday, 18/10/09 22:00
Calculated 19/10/09 19:34
map Urban Assault
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0 : 1
The dancing ones wins !
Points 0 : +3
18/10/09 22:34
116 kB, 18/10/09 22:34, by Smiley (^)
19/10/09 19:19
554 kB, 19/10/09 19:19, by Spl1nt (^)
18/10/09 22:37
left the server*
143 kB, 18/10/09 22:37, by Smiley (^)
18/10/09 22:35
not confirming*
116 kB, 18/10/09 22:35, by Smiley (^)
18/10/09 22:40
pb_plist NO-PB*
194 kB, 18/10/09 22:40, by f1sh (.exc)
19/10/09 18:34
Demo - - pacman*
3.5 MB, 19/10/09 18:34, by kimo (.exc)
19/10/09 19:23
Demo - GAY - f1sh*
1.7 MB, 19/10/09 19:23, by f1sh (.exc)
18/10/09 22:57
122 kB, 18/10/09 22:57, by f1sh (.exc)
18/10/09 22:38
536 kB, 18/10/09 22:38, by svenker (^)
19/10/09 19:26
91 kB, 19/10/09 19:26, by svenker (^)
18/10/09 22:44
555 kB, 18/10/09 22:44, by Smiley (^)
19/10/09 19:41
178 kB, 19/10/09 19:41, by Smiley (^)
18/10/09 22:58
1.6 MB, 18/10/09 22:58, by kimo (.exc)
19/10/09 19:34
189 kB, 19/10/09 19:34, by RR. (^)
18/10/09 22:32
1002 kB, 18/10/09 22:32, by GoodSpeed (^)
19/10/09 19:29
232 kB, 19/10/09 19:29, by Spl1nt (^)
18/10/09 22:37
572 kB, 18/10/09 22:37, by ScaR (^)
18/10/09 22:41
Equality - NgP. - ducky*
606 kB, 18/10/09 22:41, by ducky (.exc)
19/10/09 17:27
demo scar*
3.3 MB, 19/10/09 17:27, by Smiley (^)
18/10/09 23:03
demo smiley*
2.5 MB, 18/10/09 23:03, by Smiley (^)
19/10/09 16:11
demo svenker*
4.1 MB, 19/10/09 16:11, by Smiley (^)
* No longer available
comments (54)
we play ours germany server we are higher seeded i think
Join up up then!
Where are the admins?

we need observer for this match plz
Hi svenker
NT creating a new account 2 hours before the EMS qually's
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last links are 2007 which means hes clear for a long time
once a cheater always a cheater
Can you guys really not take a loss?

I'm sorry but..this is simply an online multiplayer game and deserves some respect from competitive players and you guys (Team Excellent) are doing the exact opposite.
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It also deserves more dedication from the team offering the server. Running PB is the most common thing ever.
I think the admins can confirm that this isn't required as it doesn't effect your game play in any way, shape, or form.
haha hunny like u are so clean, changed mac and ip wy would that be??
so we play on this server tomorrow? continue 4-1 as admin decided
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lol goodspeed? when did i change my mac and ip? Where the hell u come up with this shit...
Anyways , we'll see what limited says , i know he won't let you guys get away if you did something illegal.

You're funny Hunii :P
after other matches are played, then we have time to play this one, again. so that will be 22;00 cya then.

just listen to admin decision hunni, and u go to limited GL lmao
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admin wanted to reschedule before 20:00 pm
We play on our server as yours probably still doesnt have PB on.
After i've checked svenker's demos , yes
this 1 ?
I would like to see your demos before we play this match. You have to upload demos if opposing team so requires.

I'm still waiting ESL Server CVARs
You must be running CVARS on your server.


9.3.3. Maps
This is the official Maplist for ESL, only these map times are allowed.

* Urban Assault 3mins


9.3.1. Server Settings
Using the tournament mode for ESL matches is a must and the following settings have to be used. Both clans are responsible to make sure that these settings are used:

• Punkbuster Screenshots has to be activated


2.2.5. Server modifications
Server modifications that are neither explicitly mentioned as legal nor as illegal in the set of rules are only allowed if they do not affect the normal gameplay.


8.1. Arrangements and Annotations

ESL rules have to be written down in the match comments. The other team has to confirm those arrangements in the comments. To avoid an abuse of the edit function, a third comment has to be written.
Please do also keep screenshots and/or logfiles of your arrangements. If you do not fulfill these restrictions, any protests or supports concerning those arrangements will be


5.2.2. Server settings

Should any changes in the server settings take place during a running game, the server administrator is to be informed immediately. In case of a protest, it must be proven using screenshots and /or demos.


6.2. Demos and replays
If your game supports a demo- or replay-function, it is obligatory for all players to use it. The demos are to be kept for at least 14 days and must be presented to the admin at request. If it should come to a protest, the demos must be kept until 14 days after conclusion of the protest.

If a player or team suspects that another player or team is violating a regulation during a game, the demo can be demanded of the opposing team straight away. The admins are only to be called in, when suspicions continue to exist even after the demos have been viewed. In this case, the clan or player may proceed and send the admin the game demos. The admin will then take the appropriate action.

It is recommended to voluntarily make all demos available to the public in order to keep the ladders transparent and interesting. For specific rules, please read the respective game rules.


7.4. Deceptions
Attempts to deceive admins or other players with wrong or fake statements, information or data are penalized as follows:

7.4.4. Other deceptions
Other attempts of deceiving an admin or another player are penalized with 1-4 penalty points depending on the severity of the case and according to the judgement of the responsible admin.


Pegasus - Do you really think i'm such a noob that would confirm playing on a server without PB?!! I guess clanbase, TWL, CAL, ESL and some other competitions i have played for years and won have taught me nothing!!!
mine is their senior ;) and the rest is working etc. tomgoodspeed is here @ 20;00 and dunno about svenker and scar.. but u want all 4 or just svenkers?
btw i also would like to request all of ur demo's since i got some insane shots from ducky
We want all 4 demos please and mine is already up there in the match protest and im sure all my m8s will post theirs as soon as they can.
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to answer all the above rules
1. look @ ur demo's cvars where running
2. both teams have to check if server is correct BEFORE they start playing Not meanwhile or afterward
3. pb is only used for checking the guids it aint anti cheat nomore since we use demo's and eq so no it doesnt affect ur game play
4.demo's where requested by admin before 18.00 pm so stop whinning it hassent been 18.00 yet
5.so time was wrong but u diddent mention it ingame so proves u diddent mind.
6. u did proof er was no pb on it but since u played on it doesnt count..

so i guess i answerd enough of these questions.. i could fill these in without being an admin so pls stop bothering them with these sad attemts to get into ems and play on tonight

+ i dont want it match comms i want it uploaded
btw it was a back up server cuz u provided a wrong 1 which is also proven (so means we also proven ur server wassent correctly and diddent play.. u did thats why u cant change the score after 5 rounds
2 edits
Still to answer how i readied up while typing ;). Can't answer that one can you?
yes i can but i wont i guess ur smart enough to figure it out
Go to match prrotest and click attachment for my demo. Ducky has uploaded it but doesnt show on match media!!

Something is wrong as i've tried to and it doesn't show either. I'm gona tell him to upload it in protest. you can download it there.
u cant go protest nomore its closed.. u need to go desktop right mouse> new > compressed folder then drag ur demo in it and upload
still waiting for them as i said i want the uploaded in upload boxx not in protest
ok you insulting now pacman, stop that plz!
u deaf?? i told u to upload it in the upload boxx not in protests..
deaf?!! OH is that an insult!!!
nope its not i requested it 3 times and u still posting its in protest.. so i thought u might diddent understand.
Upload your demos in protest since here it isnt working plz guys (fish and ducky and hunii) you too smiley and ... the rest.
i alrdy told u how to upload them mine + svenker are alrdy in upload box ;)
btw 19.00 reschedule??
admin clearly requested
Please make sure the rest if this match is played before 20:00 CET 19/10/09
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we would play 22:00 but dont know if admin agree's
30 more min to upload the demo's we told admin tomgoodspeed cant upload cause he wont be here till 10. and btw hunni where is ur eq?
so which server is it gonna be boii's
And does he have to be the same lineup?
goodspeed was here posting a few hours ago wasn't he?! couldnt he have uploaded then?!!!!!! weird!
he was @ his work (many offices have pc's u knw) + not to be a bitch i requested all 4 of urs ur the only 1 that upload it.. so thats a bigger problem

btw get ur team rdy we start in 15 min (we dont have same line-up as yesterday 2 are @ work till 22:00)
1 edits
we are @ this server
what the fuck is this shit? Why the fuck is this forfeited??
cuz pegesus report forfeited?! :P jk @

i think u should replay match, i think will be a very good match...but with all rules up ofc. this is EMS mates, not a ladder match, fight like mans :)
2 edits
I'm totally up for a replay , but admin thinks he can give us a date where we have to run from our jobs/school to make it for 19:00. It's both teams who have to agree on time when they can make it for a match , not some admin , especially not pegasus who didn't even read the rules when he signed up for ESL admin.
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