Summer League 2011
The Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah make you wanna move in to this Summer League. To the rescue, here I am Want you to know, yall, can you understand? Do you have what it takes? Then do not hesitate to participate!!!

Summer League 2011

Sign up!

Take part and win!
Sign up: till Sunday 12/06
Start: Monday, 20 June
Time: 20:00 CEST
Size: no limit
Structure: Groupstage

Basic rules:

Maps: Map Pick
Mode: two maps (based on map wins), MR6
Matchmedia: pb_plist
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat: mandatory

Map List:

Dusk, Tunnel
Mout McKenna
Urban Assault
Insurgent Camp


Summer League 2011

   1st 3 months
   2nd 2 months
   3rd 1 month

The award and the Premium will only be rewarded if in total 16 teams participate and if no teams are disqualified in the first round!

kwatsch, Monday, 06/06/11 11:22
comments (2)
hope ppl will be active in the summer months=)
If you have money price for this cup, you should get players at summer :D
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