AAO - The End
05/01/12   AAO - The End
Sad but true... the day has come that we plugged out the plug of the AAO section. Together we have reached a lot, had a lot of fun and memorial moments! A game which kicked off in 2002, grew during the years, joined the
16/12/11    CC2012 - Teams & Captains
25/11/11    Draft Night II (28/11)
20/11/11    CC2012 - It's time!
10/11/11    Draft Night I (14/11)
Section closed
The game is no longer available in Europe. If you want to play the game in the ESL, please write a comment in the forum.
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Play the game in the ESL again?

If you want to play the game in the ESL again, then you can post a thread in the Suggest a new game Forum.

Gather is available

You can play the game in the Gather System, because it is still available.


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