Night Cup #7
Recently a new version of AA3 has been released! This is the perfect time to kick off with our Night Cups again! Sign up and start fine tuning your tactics on the new maps. Stronghold T&H and Shanty Town Assault will the place to be on Thursday 23 June. In our sixth Night Cup, again CHROME topped it out, this time vs G-Hey. Virtual Insanity by winning over WESTERPLATTE. Who takes the 7th Night Cup?
Night Cup #7


(Check-in: 19:00 - 19:15 CEST)
Checking-in is necessary to take part.
Be there to make sure you do not miss out!
Sign up: till Thursday 23/06
Start: 23/06/2011, 19:30CET
Check-in: Between 19:00 - 19:15
Size: max 16 teams
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Map: Fixed Maps
Mode: Best of One
Matchmedia: endscore or pb_plist
Anti-Cheat: ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

Extra Rules:

Map: Stronghold T&H
Map: Shanty Town Assault
Map Limit: 3 minutes
Match Round: 6

Good to know!

* Match Round: Bridge the unit used for scoring in tournaments. So, if MR6 is stated in the Extra Rules, this means 12 rounds are played. In case the match is tied after twelve rounds. Match Round 3 (MR3) will be used. This means both teams play three rounds (six in total) on one side till a winner is determined.

* As it is a Night Cup, each match has to be played add the same day! This means each minute counts to not delay the tournament. Therefore I strongly suggest the full match is played on one server so we do not lose to much time with switching servers. However, each team can claim to play one half of the match on their server. Keep in mind that delaying the tournament is only in your disadvantage.

* Test your ESL Wire Anti-Cheat BEFORE the match. Not using ESL Wire Anti-Cheat during a match will lead into a default loss. There is NO time to start searching how to solve a problem at match time! It is up to the other team to report it when a team did not use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat. This has to be done straight after the match!

* Not all rounds need to be played. Once you won enough rounds to win the match. The remaining rounds can be cancelled.

* Between each round we schedule enough time to contact your enemy, set up the server and play the match. This time can vary between 45 min and 60 min, depending on the map being played. In case your next opponent is ready with his match, you do not need to wait to start the next match!

* Each team MUST report the score straight after the match! If one team loses and does not report/confirm the score straight after the match, it will be handled as unsportsmanlike conduct and will be penalized with penalty points.

* If there are any problems or you have a question. You can always contact our admins in the ESL Wire AA3 lobby or write a support ticket.

Winners Night Cup #6


If you have any feedback - bad or good - about anything we are doing in the America's Army 3 section, then please go ahead and post in the feedback topic in the forum.

Good luck and Have Fun!
Your Admin Team
kwatsch, Wednesday, 13/04/11 10:26
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
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