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#8 | 02/07/12 16:41

oh nice, i also posted a thread in the german forum emoticon-grin

EDIT: some lags/bugs u requested:
1. sync: if someone has  a bad internet connection, hes jumping and sometimes the driver stands and run suddenly forward. lagging i mean.
and although u have a good internet connection u could also lag, but not often.
2.rarely: some bodykits arent well worked, so maybe u cant the the roof or one door, but they always fix it in 2 weeks.
3.4 hour bug: if ur on 4 hours or more u have to reconnect, otherwise u will be slower than before even if u drive perfect.
4.speedbug. if ur online for more than 8hours u might get a speedbug (its the other way round to the 4 hour bug and its strictly forbidden to use that.
lazy EA dont work on this..
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