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  Rushing-Alliance   id:  4289323

Name Rushing-Alliance
Shorthandle -=[R-A]=-
Registered since 18/07/09
Homepage http://RushingAlliance.clanpla..
Headquarters  Germany
  1  Awards  
ImpI  and  System32.dll
Player (6)
BlaE-JAYLupusRA PaehdiScoudTischi
Honorary member (5)
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ICQ 382823949 (Speedy)
Gameserver Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
• War - 12 Slot:
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Latest matches
  Call of Duty: Black Ops Search & Destroy 3on3 Happy Hardcore #1
loss   SERGAY GAMING  0 Sunday, 13/03/11 20:45 4
wins   TEAM.eLateD  + 2 Sunday, 13/03/11 20:00 0
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► -=[R-A]=- Rushing-Alliance | Gaming Since 2006

Wir sind ein FunClan und immer für einen War zu haben.

► Wir spielen

• Battlefield 3
• Call of Duty: MW3 und BO2
• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
• StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

► Kontakt

• url[ts3server://RushingAlliance.4np.de][TeamSpeak 3 - Server]url

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► Clanleitung

-=[R-A]=- Speedy (Leader)
-=[R-A]=- System32.dll (Leader / BF3)
-=[R-A]=- ImpI (Co-Leader / FunSuqad)
-=[R-A]=- eL3ctR0 (CoD)
-=[R-A]=- Schizo2nd (SC2)

► Battlefield 3

-=[R-A]=- System32.dll (Leader)
-=[R-A]=- Sheppart (Co-Leader)
-=[R-A]=- AlboMan
-=[R-A]=- Benji
-=[R-A]=- ewweberlin
-=[R-A]=- Freak
-=[R-A]=- MaxHard
-=[R-A]=- Paehdi
-=[R-A]=- Robert Tessmann
-=[R-A]=- Shmoo
-=[R-A]=- z33r0
-=[R-A]=- Hornoxe
-=[R-A]=- ebelt78
-=[R-A]=- Rubby13
-=[R-A]=- skepti
-=[R-A]=- Sn@cKp@c

► Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

-=[R-A]=- eL3ctR0 (Leader)
-=[R-A]=- Memphis19988 (Co-Leader)
-=[R-A]=- Coyote
-=[R-A]=- K.U.M.A
-=[R-A]=- Knet0007
-=[R-A]=- Lupus
-=[R-A]=- SK_Bonny
-=[R-A]=- Magic
-=[R-A]=- PaDdY

► StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

-=[R-A]=- Schizo2nd (Leader)
-=[R-A]=- Soziopath (Co-Leader)
-=[R-A]=- anextacy
-=[R-A]=- Betelgeuse
-=[R-A]=- Meister_Eder
-=[R-A]=- tinuviel
-=[R-A]=- Zer0Lithium

► Fun-Gamer

-=[R-A]=- ImpI (Leader)
-=[R-A]=- E-JAY
-=[R-A]=- nJäi
-=[R-A]=- Scoud
-=[R-A]=- Tischi
-=[R-A]=- Auran (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- DeeMan (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- Enna (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- Jedi (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- Killimanjaro (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- Mr. Gee (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- Phoenix (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- Reaper (inaktiv)
-=[R-A]=- Red_Devil (inaktiv)

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► StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Rushing-Alliance SC 2

► Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Rushing-Alliance CoD 5on5

► Fun Squad

Rushing-Alliance CSS 5on5

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