ASUS ENC 2010 - CS:S and FIFA Nations Ranking
Today we want to present the FIFA and CS:Source Nations Rankings of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010. These are the pools for every Qualification Round of the European Nations Championship 2010. Qualification Round 1 will start on March 1st in all disciplines and the date of the drawing will be announced soon.

How are the countries ranked?

The countries got points for their performance in the last seasons. Every point a nation scored in the last three years is counted. For every match won in the group stages or the finals the nation got 3 points, for every draw 1 point and a loss ended in 0 points. As you may understand we want to put more weight on the latest results in opposition to the older ones not to give a team a better spot who's players got exchanged the last seasons.

So we weighted the seasons 2007 with 1/3, 2008 with 2/3 and 2009 with 3/3 of the whole sum. That makes clear that we care about what the teams did in the past but also focus on the latest results to give our ranking a clearer view to be as near as can be to the real strength of every nation.

CS:S Nations Ranking:

Rank Country Points
 1st France 59,50
 2nd Germany 56,37
 3rd Slovakia 39,37
 4th Czech Republic 38,12
 5th Italy 36,75
 6th United Kingdom 23,25
 7th Austria 16,12
 8th Belgium 11,62
 9th Poland 11,62
 10th Russia 10,50
 11th Denmark 10,50
 12th Norway 8,70
 13th Netherlands 6,00
 14th Hungary 5,70
 15th Finland 5,70
 15th Sweden 5,70
 17th Switzerland 4,20
 17th Spain 4,20
 19th Turkey 1,85
 20th Greece 1,85
 20th Portugal 1,85
 20th Bosnia 1,85
 20th Croatia 1,85
 24th Slovenia 1,35
 25th Ukraine 0,95
 26th Israel 0,45
 27th Romania 0,45
 27th Ireland 0,45
 29th Latvia 0,45
 30th Serbia 0,45
 31th Belarus 0
 32th Estonia 0
 32th Bulgaria 0
 32th Lithuania 0
FIFA Nations Ranking:

Rank Country Points
 1st Germany 86,50
 2nd Romania 51,50
 3rd Ukraine 50,62
 4th Poland 45,50
 5th Hungary 45,25
 6th Austria 42,25
 7th Russia 34,87
 8th Portugal 31,00
 9th Spain 22,37
 10th Turkey 14,25
 11th France 14,00
 12th Belgium 11,25
 13th Netherlands 10,75
 14th Italy 8,25
 15th Switzerland 4,50
 16th Bulgaria 4,50
 17th Denmark 3,00
 18th Slovakia 3,00
 19th Israel 2,50
 20th Serbia 2,25
 21th Slovenia 2,25
 22th Czech Republic 1,50
 23th Latvia 1,50
 24th Lithuania 0,75
 25th Sweden 0,75
 26th Croatia 0,75
 27th Greece 0,50
 28th Belarus 0,50
 29th Luxembourg 0,25
30th United Kingdom 0
 31th Finland 0
 31th Iceland 0
 31th Norway 0

If a team doesn't participate, every team below will move up one position. Get more information about the Play Mode.
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