Russia vs. Finland
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Date Wednesday, 07/07/10 16:00
Calculated 08/07/10 02:28
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1on1:  Ancient Isle, Twisted Meadows
Cash 2 : 0 elfittaja
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock, Lost Temple(ROC)
JadeDark 2 : 1 Satiini
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Lost Temple(ROC)
JadeDark : elfittaja
1on1:  Secret Valley, Twisted Meadows
Cash 2 : 0 Satiini
2on2:  Lost Temple, Lost Temple(ROC)
Cash, HawK : elfittaja, Satiini
Russia wins !
RUS 3 : 0 FIN
Points +4 : 0
07/07/10 17:17
Cash vs. Satiini Game1
59 kB, 07/07/10 17:17, by VPBenQlFUki (RUS)
07/07/10 17:33
Cash vs. Satiini Game2
121 kB, 07/07/10 17:33, by VPBenQlFUki (RUS)
07/07/10 16:24
Cash vs. elfittaja Game1
74 kB, 07/07/10 16:24, by VPBenQlFUki (RUS)
07/07/10 16:45
Cash vs. elfittaja Game2
170 kB, 07/07/10 16:45, by VPBenQlFUki (RUS)
07/07/10 18:02
JadeDark vs. Satiini Game1
91 kB, 07/07/10 18:02, by StrangeR (RUS)
07/07/10 18:07
JadeDark vs. Satiini Game2
179 kB, 07/07/10 18:07, by StrangeR (RUS)
07/07/10 17:03
JadeDark vs. Satiini Game3
152 kB, 07/07/10 17:03, by VPBenQlFUki (RUS)
07/07/10 18:07
JadeDark vs. elfittaja Game1
167 kB, 07/07/10 18:07, by StrangeR (RUS)
04/07/10 23:35
Go Russia!
Every season for the different reasons Team Russia couldn’t go to the lan finals. Usually, we had problems with visas. In previous season we lost to Team Netherlands. We were needed to win one map more for the victory, but skill of Grubby and sometimes unluck made our success impossible.
During groupstage of ENC 2010 only 1 game was totally failed by us, but all other matches we played good and it gives to us special hopes.

Match vs Team Finland is new chance for achievement of our goal or even our dream – to play at lan finals! Finland played this season pretty good, especially Elfittaja, who took much important points for team, despite of his inactive. Also experienced Satiini – a player who can to win in most important matches. They both are worthy and strong opponents. But I hope we could to find keys to our victory. We well prepared and will do all that we can and even more!

Mother Russia looks at us and all in our hands!
Have fun, Finland, it will be great match!
06/07/10 14:08
vs russia
Hiho, this is our last and the most important game at this enc season, we really need to win this game, but russia has some fearsome warriors who will be hard to beat, but we will do the best we can do atm! Have fun everyone!
comments (6)
Go go Russia!!!
finland 4tw !
Go Nicker! Go Russia!
thank you Managers of TEAM RUSSIA...i never see So stupid LU...
np, Anton.
gg, Finland!
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