ASUS ENC Matches at SCS Multiplex, Vienna
at  Team 123 vs. at  They Kick... 16 : 12 (13)
de  Germany vs. at  Austria 4 : 8 (15)
nl  Netherlands vs. at  Austria 2 : 0 (15)
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June 4th 2010   -   4pm to 11pm CET

SCS Multiplex Top 13
2334 Vösendorf

Counter-Strike 1.6
04.06.2010 23:26
Austria defeated by Netherlands

This time Austria wasn't able to surprise the whole hall by beating their favoured opponent. After winning in 2007 and 2009 Netherlands was again the team which left the server with more rounds that Austria. So the ASUS ENC Vienna event is over. We will come back to Dreamhack in just two weeks. Good night!

ASUS ENC Vienna Gallery

FIFA 2010
04.06.2010 20:41
Austria beats the European Champion

Never expected such a close game. While Germany won their previous two matches of the ASUS ENC Main Round, Austria lost both of them. So the quadruple champion of the ASUS European Nations Championship was the undisputed favorite. But mario, neco and gimli made it happen, especially the former SK Gaming player mario. He was the only one today who won both of his matches.

CS:S Showmatch
04.06.2010 19:39
CKRAS Gaming wins over They Kick Ass

The first match of today was won by CKRAS Gaming. The opponent didn't manage to kick their asses, although this was their name. They Kick Ass wasn't able to survive the great offensive play of CKRAS. After 24 rounds the match was over and CKRAS left the server as the winning team of today's CS:Source showmatch. Now FIFA is live at ESL TV.

ASUS ENC Vienna Gallery

Top Matches live in Vienna
18.05.2010 13:35
Austria fighting!

On the 4th of June two thrilling matches from the ASUS ENC 2010 group stage will be played live in Vienna, Austria. In FIFA and Counter-Strike 1.6 the home-team from Austria will face Germany and the Netherlands. An amazing atmosphere, two exciting matches and lots of entertainment will be waiting for you in Vienna.

Classic: Austria vs. Germany in Soccer

Austria vs. Germany - This match is real a classic. The two neighbouring countries will put on a great show in FIFA live on stage. Germany is the reigning ASUS ENC champion and record winner (four times). Can Austria beat Germany in FIFA with hundreds of Austrian fans in their back. It will be a thrilling and tough game for both!

Last chance in CS 1.6 for both teams

Austria vs. Netherlands - It is the last chance for Austria and the Netherlands. Both national teams have to win if they wish to make it past the group stage. It will be a close match with a slight advantage for Austria. They are the home team and will have fans cheering for them in the background.

You find more information about the ASUS ENC 2010 event in Vienna here.

ASUS ENC 2010 in Vienna, Austria at 4th of June
06.05.2010 18:11
eSport at SCS Multiplex Top 13

Ready for more national teams fighting? At 4th of June we have the next stop of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 in Austria. At the "SCS Multiplex Top 13" the Austrian national teams will have to face their opponents from the Main Round live in front of the audience. Be on the spot and support your teams!

European eSports at its best live in Austria!

The "SCS Multiplex Top 13" is only about 10 minutes outside of Vienna, the capital of Austria, so that a lot of people get to see some of the most important national matches of this year. At the SCS Multiplex Top 13 we will hold the event at the biggest hall of the cinema and present the matches for the audience.

Support the Austrian national teams!

On 4th of June it's time for all Austrian eSport fans to support their teams. After missing the finals in the last years, this could be a great chance to make your teams qualify for the playoffs. We will announce the exact matches as soon as possible so you can plan your trip in advance.

Stay also tuned for even more events being announced during the next days!

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