Ukraine vs. Sweden in tomorrows CS 1.6 grand final
Who's gonna be the champ? markeloff or GeT_Right?
Ukraine just won the eastern European semi final. On three very tensed maps the team of Markeloff, Edward and co. had to show some of their a-play. After winning de_inferno and losing de_dust2 the Ukrainians got 5 T rounds on de_train and brought this victory home as CT by only losing one round on that side.

The scores of Ukraine [2:1] Russia

de_inferno: Ukraine [16:10] Russia
de_dust2: Ukraine [12:16] Russia
de_train: Ukraine [16:11] Russia

Now we are heading forward to the next grand final here at the ASUS ENC Finals 2010. The CS female teams of Germany and Russia will meet in a few seconds to determine their champion.
Soodi, Saturday, 21/08/10 16:49
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