Bulgaria is the new FIFA champion
Only one goal decided the match - Congratulations Bulgaria!
A long and hard match was decided by only one single goal not shot by styla. Bulgaria was the team that defend the last running match at the same score for quite while and so secured the title with a very tight 7:5. After the match, Germany protested that Bulgaria did time play in this match.

After watching the replay for a few times and consulting one of our most experienced admins the admin team here at gamescom decided that there was a minor time play, but that it was too minor to give a defwin to Germany. So Bulgaria is the new champion in FIFA and Germany lost the second match at the ASUS ENC Finals ever.

Final standings:

1st: Bulgaria (4,000 Euro)
2nd: Germany (2,000 Euro)
3rd: Romania (1,500 Euro)
4th: Ukraine (1,000 Euro)

Congratulations to Bulgaria!
Soodi, Friday, 20/08/10 15:13
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gg mates congrats
bulgari unaciiiii shampioni smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooo !!!!!!!!
GG Bulgaria, GG!
:))))) fifa10 rules, skill is nothing in that game, germany wouldnt have ever lost in the past when the game was about skill :)
oSiSko, yes they did, they lost in 2008 with us :)
Good job Krasy :) Remember me :P
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