ENC: Team Belgium
Just a few days then the first season of the European Nations Championship will start. Time to present the last Teams. Today we proudly present the National Team of Belgium. Its Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3 TFT Team will try to get a place for the lanfinals.
In charge of the National Team is Borderfield. Borderfield is a multimedia company which specializes in a broad range of modern media and media-applications. They concentrate on webbuilding, webapplications, programming, networking, but also on esports, with a strong intrest in gaming, gaming comunities and youth culture. They are the base of OdB Productions, a gaming coverage team, ShrimpWars, a youth gaming community and Multiplayer Madness and Powerplay, both high profile lan parties/gaming events.

Team Belgium - Counter-Strike

Lineup: SithCloud, anton, Apollo, riZa, sangio, Spacey, SuPpA, zolsi, zordon


Age: 21
City: Vilvoorde

Clan: ---
IRC: #belgium


Age: 19
City: Wetteren

Clan: ---
IRC: ---

Team Belgium - Warcraft 3

Lineup: DrPepper, Eboceixa, COW.DESTRO, DaSkull, EquiNox, isucksOhaRd, kaby, Sliver, vae-


Age: 29
City: Antwerpen

Clan: ---
IRC: ---


Age: 21
City: Brussels

Clan: ---
IRC: ---

The ESL Team accounts have already been created so that everybody can have a look at the roster. You can also join our IRC Qnet Channel #esl.enc.
Beiron, Tuesday, 30/03/04 01:22
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