ASUS ENC 2010 at DreamHack Summer
Dreamhack welcomes ASUS ENC 2010
We proudly present the next event of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010. On the 20th of June we will be at the DreamHack Summer, Jönköping, Sweden, with thrilling live matches of the ASUS ENC 2010 Main Round. Visit world's largest digital festival and enjoy a great show featuring some of Europe's best national teams!

European eSports at its best live at Dreamhack

DreamHack is the world's largest LAN-party and computer festival. Programming, designing, music composing and most important eSports tournaments! A place where thousands of gamers and computer lovers meet each other.

ASUS ENC will be a part of it, a 400m² big part! You will see the crème de la crème of European national teams facing each other at a huge stage. Furthermore there will be a Free Gaming Area, where you can join the action and play newest games on the best high performance systems of ASUS.

We also announce the very first determined match of ASUS ENC Sweden. Last years winner Team Sweden will face Team Poland at the Dreamhack Summer - a very tough mainround match that might decide the winner of this group. More matches are coming soon. Stay tuned!
otacon, Tuesday, 11/05/10 13:35
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Highlight of the group stage :)
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Really nice :) might be there.
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