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online statusmaymiboss
,   20  Years     Joué-lès-Tours
online statusn1ty
online statuseXo
Lucas,   21  Years    
Team:   3DMAX
online statusJerome
Team:   auf gehts!
online statusbqstos
Anas  BEN,   25  Years    
Team:   13.3.7
online statusKEN
,   24  Years    
Team:   Region Languedoc
online statuskamael
Frederik  Larsen    
Team:   MEET
online statusLyricS
Remy  Kereanoff,   21  Years     lunel
online statusADIL
Giuseppe  Calatabiano,   21  Years    
Team:   X-ReD 2on2
online statusmenegh
Thibaut  Brognard,   22  Years     Lille
Team:   NICKLESS.csgo
online statusMethod
Mohamed  Lahri,   22  Years    
Team:   Aim Legends
online statusRyaK
Damien  Nebois,   20  Years     La Voulte
online statusLAKE.
Quentin  Guillot,   23  Years    
Team:   Gr0sB1de
online statusgotsha
gregoire  deberles,   24  Years    
Team:   ownfeet
online statusaLx-
,   25  Years    
Team:   Team LDLC.com
online statusNeOs
benjamin  berteloot,   22  Years     azay le ferron
online statuscrL
,   34  Years    
online statusnONO
Arnaud,   22  Years     Nantes
online statusST
,   21  Years    
online statusPABLOOO
baptiste  Croza,   23  Years     LONS
Team:   da Roxor united
online statusLyernz
Caillol  Younes,   20  Years     Orange
online statusdymz
Team:   C00L ST0RY BR0
online statusP0WELS
Florian,   21  Years    
Team:   JuncK All StYle
online statusv1koo
Victor  Duverger,   18  Years     Vannes
Team:   BRETAGNE.eSport
online statusrostqn
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