The ASUS ENC Finals 2010 are over
All the champions of gamescom 2010
After five days full of games here in Cologne at the gamescom the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 are over. We have seen only one reigning champion defending their title and new champions in all the other games. Best nation of this years edition is Sweden who won both Counter-Strike and, just a few seconds ago, Quake Live in its premier season.

Right now it's time to present the final standings:

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

Counter-Strike 1.6

1st: Sweden (6,000 Euro)
2nd: Ukraine (3,000 Euro)
3rd: Denmark (2,000 Euro)
4th: Russia (1,200 Euro)


1st: United Kingdom (5,000 Euro)
2nd: Denmark (2,500 Euro)
3rd: France (1,800 Euro)
4th: Germany (1,100 Euro)

WarCraft III

1st: Ukraine (4,000 Euro)
2nd: Russia (2,000 Euro)
3rd: Denmark (1,500 Euro)
4th: Germany (1,000 Euro)

FIFA 2010:

1st: Bulgaria (4,000 Euro)
2nd: Germany (2,000 Euro)
3rd: Romania (1,500 Euro)
4th: Ukraine (1,000 Euro)

CS: Female

1st: Russia (3,500 Euro)
2nd: Germany (1,700 Euro)

Quake Live:

1st: Sweden (3,000 Euro)
2nd: Netherlands (1,500 Euro)

Congratulations to all participants and especially the champions!

A very special thank you goes to ASUS who didn't only supported this final event but made the whole season with all it's events possible!
Soodi, Sunday, 22/08/10 19:34
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