Netherlands vs. Austria
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MatchID 18354890
Date Friday, 04/06/10 20:30
Calculated 04/06/10 23:19
firstmap de_dust2
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de_dust2 16 : 12
de_train 16 : 8
Netherlands wins !
Points +3 : 0
13/06/10 19:33
# HLTV Demo*
13.2 MB, 13/06/10 19:33, by crtmN
* No longer available
31/05/10 13:34
Match vs Netherlands @ ENC Stop Vienna
We are very happy to play this match in front of our own audience and we hope that this will give us the needed boost to win this match. So fare we are without a won match in thsi ENC Mainround and we hope to change this on friday. Netherlands are a strong team but we will give our best and we hope that a lot of people will come to the event and cheer for us!
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comments (15)
glhf all:)
John @ lan = nt
looking forward to!
lousrevo @ lan = np
luosrevo das er sich traut :D
headi np
Gogo Dutchies! Win win
leider niederlande würde unseren Nachbaren gönnen :)
fZoe wrote:
leider niederlande würde unseren Nachbaren gönnen :)

man munkelt, dass die Niederlande auch an Deutschland grenzt
mir hat bei team austria john sehr gut gefallen, und bei holland tommeh, hätte nen sieg austria gegönnt, aber naja was will man machen ;)

gg auf jedenfall
Was a nice game, just saw the Train match but it was pretty good. John was pretty amazing. I would have liked it more when Austria had won the match, but greetings to the netherland anyway^^
Very nice!
Goood Game CS-Gamers ;)!
GG Nice Match!!
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