ASUS ENC Event in Berlin at 26th of June
Berlin welcomes German national teams
We proudly present another standalone event of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010. On the 26th of June we will be at the Tempodrom Berlin, Germany, with live thrilling matches from ASUS ENC 2010 Main Round. Come to Berlin and enjoy a great show featuring some of Europe's best national teams.

European eSports at its best live in Berlin

The Tempodrom in Berlin is a very popular location. Many national and international top events have been held here. On the 26th of June the German Counter-Strike 1.6 national team will face the Danish team from the ASUS ENC 2010 Main Round. Furthermore the German CS:Source team will compete with Slovakia, one of the best CS:S nations of Europe. Are the German teams beatable with thousands of enthusiastic German eSports fans in the background?

Germany vs. Slovakia

Germany vs. Denmark

Do not miss out on what will be a great offline event with an awesome show, lots of hot prizes and of course: the crème de la crème of European national teams.

Stay also tuned for even more events being announced during the next days!

Entrance fee: The entrance is for free!
Special treat: The first 100 visitors will get a voucher for a free beer.
otacon, Friday, 25/06/10 18:11
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Nice day!
I might go there :D
is there some more information available, like entrance fee or a minimum age (like 16 on IFNG's)?

or any other stuff?
Berlin <3
I've to know the admission Charge :O :-/
Dabei wer noch ;)
Eintritt ? 4free? - steht nix inner mail oder auf der page oO
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Bin auch dabei.
Wäre schon wenn jemand die Eintrittspreise posten könnte.
League wrote:
Dies ist ein internationaler Eintrag, bitte schreibe Deinen Kommentar in englischer Sprache. Kommentare in anderen Sprachen werden gelöscht.

Need to know the admission charge :O
The entry is for free and the first 100 visitors will get a free beer voucher addtionally! =)
Age limit is 16+ due to German law. International events don't change that :-/
so poor i wanted to go there but im not 16+ xD hf entry is 4 free ^^
here we go!
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