ASUS ENC '10 Berlin Matches
de  Germany vs. sk  Slovakia 2 : 1 (94)
de  Germany vs. dk  Denmark 0 : 2 (19)
ESL TV Stream

June 26th '10 - 3:00pm to 10:00pm CET

Möckernstraße 10
10963 Berlin

Germany loses to Denmark
26.06.2010 22:29
No chance for the Germans

Denmark wins the second game of the ASUS ENC '10 event in Berlin. Their Counter-Strike 1.6 team consisting of three players from mTw, Arcadion and karrigan performed extremely well. While on the first map de_dust2 Germany was able to score at least eight rounds, they won only four rounds on the de_nuke. It is the third loss for Germany in the Main Round, which means that we will not see Germany at the finals of the ASUS ENC for the first time.

Germany's CS:S Team scores
26.06.2010 19:29
First challenge done!

Only seconds ago a long and tough match between Germany and Slovakia culmulated with the better ending for the local players. After doing a quick job on de_nuke Germany got in trouble on the second map. Slovakia managed to start a comeback on de_train forcing the Germans into the third and final map, which nooky and his teammates picked de_tuscan for. Germany managed to score eight rounds as terrorists and did the same thing as CT by defending every single attack of Slovakia.

So Germany is on top of Group B with 4 wins out of 4 matches played so far. Only Denmark is still able to steal away the victory in the group if Germany loses to Spain, who are last of the group. Slowakia is now out of the race for playoffs. Even if they win their final match, the winner of Italy vs. Belgium will have more points than them.

Photos from Berlin
26.06.2010 17:03
ASUS ENC live at the Tempodrom

The first match of today's ASUS ENC event started a few minutes ago. Here is a first set of pictures of the location in Berlin and the CS:Source team from Germany and Slovakia.

ASUS ENC Berlin Gallery

ASUS ENC Event in Berlin at 26th of June
25.06.2010 18:11
Berlin welcomes German national teams

We proudly present another standalone event of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010. On the 26th of June we will be at the Tempodrom Berlin, Germany, with live thrilling matches from ASUS ENC 2010 Main Round. Come to Berlin and enjoy a great show featuring some of Europe's best national teams.

European eSports at its best live in Berlin

The Tempodrom in Berlin is a very popular location. Many national and international top events have been held here. On the 26th of June the German Counter-Strike 1.6 national team will face the Danish team from the ASUS ENC 2010 Main Round. Furthermore the German CS:Source team will compete with Slovakia, one of the best CS:S nations of Europe. Are the German teams beatable with thousands of enthusiastic German eSports fans in the background?

Germany vs. Slovakia

Germany vs. Denmark

Do not miss out on what will be a great offline event with an awesome show, lots of hot prizes and of course: the crème de la crème of European national teams.

Stay also tuned for even more events being announced during the next days!

Entrance fee: The entrance is for free!
Special treat: The first 100 visitors will get a voucher for a free beer.

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