ASUS ENC '10 Antwerp Matches
ESL TV Stream

July 31st '10 - 3:00pm to 10:00pm CET

Hangar 26
Rijnkaai 95
2000 Antwerp

Belgium won 2:0 versus Netherland
31.07.2010 21:38
Ex6TenZ and Co. won their match and showed some nice moves

The evening ended with something for the local fans to cheer about. Ex6TenZ and his mates from Team Belgium had a good day and showed some nice tricks versus Netherlands, who are still struggling from the time after their big team of fnatic. In the end Belgium was the better team on both maps and won this second and last show match here at Antwerp eSports Festival.

Belgium [2:0] Netherlands
de_nuke: [16:08]
de_inferno: [16:09]

Belgium won de_nuke - Ex6TenZ shows his skills
31.07.2010 20:33
16:8 on de_nuke made a fast and good start for the locals

12:3 as CT made a good start for Belgium. In almost every round the contained the Dutch and played a very good CS. Best player, with no doubt, was Verygames Ex6TenZ with a superb performance and a three on one in the last round. We are now looking forward to a good second map which will be de_inferno.

Belgium [1:0] Netherlands
de_nuke: [16:08]
de_inferno: [00:00]
de_train: [00:00]

Team Netherlands just won the match
31.07.2010 18:54
Another thrilling match with the Dutch being cheering in the end

The first match is over. After another tough match with both teams doing everything to win Team Netherlands was the lucky team to score in the important rounds. It was, as ReDeYe said, one of the most entertaining showmatches recently. Now the players are leaving the stage to the CS:Source teams who will be live on ESL TV at about 7:30pm CEST.

Belgium [1:2] Netherlands
de_inferno: [16:09]
de_train: [14:16]
de_tuscan: [13:16]

The Netherlands strike back
31.07.2010 17:39
1 map each after a thriller on de_train

What a map! Both Netherlands and Belgium showed their a game and fought an epic battle. The Belgians once again fought back from a disadvantage but their streak ended by winning the 14 round and a score of 14:15. In the very last rounds both teams were shouting like winning the ASUS ENC 2010 but in the end the Netherlands could turn the game to their favour. So we are now going to see the final map, de_tuscan, in a few minutes.

Belgium vs. Netherlands
de_inferno: [16:09]
de_train: [14:16]
de_tuscan: [00:00]

First map is over
31.07.2010 16:46
Belgium did an awesome comeback and won de_inferno

There was enough to cheer for the Belgians and their fans on the first map. After a tough part with Netherlands winning a few rounds in a row, Belgium did a comeback and finished the first half with 8:7. On the second half the Belgians did a good jobs and brought the win home with a cheering crowd right in front of them.

Belgium vs. Netherlands
de_inferno: [16:09]
de_train: [00:00]
de_tuscan: [00:00]

Maps for CS 1.6: inferno, train and tuscan
31.07.2010 15:38
This maps will be played in the 1.6 match

The teams have just choosen the maps for the upcoming match. Team Natherlands chose de_inferno and Belgium picked de_train. de_tuscan will be the third map if needed.

Belgium vs. Netherlands
de_inferno: [00:00]
de_train: [00:00]
de_tuscan: [00:00]

Match is starting at 3:45pm CEST

ESL BeNeLux raffle: Win a jersey of Team Netherlands
31.07.2010 15:14
Win an ASUS ENC jersey of the Netherlands signed by all players

In the next days a raffle on ESL BeNeLux will start providing you with the chance to win a very exclusive prize. The prize is one of the official jersey of Team Netherlands in the ASUS ENC 2010 signed by all players here on the spot in Antwerp. More details will be provided by the ESL BeNeLux staff the next days.

Stay tuned their to not miss your chance!

The teams are setting up at the ASUS ENC area
31.07.2010 14:24
The Netherlands and Belgium arrived and put on their nations jerseys

Just about one hour before the first matches, both teams are here to set up their computers and prepare for the derby in Antwerp. Even though this is a show match we are looking forward to a tough match. The audience here in Belgium will do their best to motivate the players to show their a game on the server!

Corin and ReDeYe to cast at Antwerp
31.07.2010 13:45
ASUS ENC 2010 Antwerp to be casted by the British dreamteam

Just a few minutes ago our friends Corin 'corin' Cole and Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner met us here in the ASUS area at the Antwerp eSports Festival. They are going to host the show of the ASUS ENC 2010 Antwerp event and will moderate the two matches today. We hope you will enjoy the show!

ASUS ENC 2010 Antwerp
29.07.2010 17:36
Belgium faces Netherlands in Antwerp, Belgium

In one week the BeNeLux event of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 will kick off at the Antwerp eSport Festival. Hundreds of visitors will be able to cheer for their nation as the Belgium team faces Netherlands in Counter-Strike:Source and Counter-Strike 1.6. Everybody is also welcome to play BLUR and Transformers in the ASUS ENC 2010 Free-Gaming-Area.

Belgium vs. Netherlands

Belgium vs. Netherlands

The Antwerp eSports Festival will be held in the "Stuurboord" location. Stuurboord is one of the biggest multifunctional venues in Antwerp. About 1.500 spectators will fit into this location and have a seat. Experience the amazing view over the Schelde while standing at the beautiful bar or during the summer months you can even use the large terrace. It will give the event the finishing touch that it deserves.

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