Norway vs. Serbia
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MatchID 13278343
Date Tuesday, 05/05/09 19:00
Calculated 05/05/09 21:02
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1on1:  Ancient Isle, Echo Isles, Secret Valley
HenL 1 : 2 PadasH
1on1:  Secret Valley, Echo Isles<tba>
Creolophus 2 : 0 Aca
1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
HenL : Aca
1on1:  Death Trap, Echo Isles<tba>
Creolophus 2 : 0 PadasH
2on2:  Twisted Meadows, Avalanche<tba>
Creolophus, HenL 2 : 0 PadasH, Aca
Norway wins !
NOR 3 : 1 SRB
Points +3 : +1
05/05/09 19:50
Creolophus vs. Aca Game1
110 kB, 05/05/09 19:50, by DrunKin
05/05/09 20:05
Creolophus vs. Aca Game2
105 kB, 05/05/09 20:05, by DrunKin
05/05/09 20:50
Creolophus vs. PadasH Game1
66 kB, 05/05/09 20:50, by DrunKin
05/05/09 21:02
Creolophus vs. PadasH Game2
104 kB, 05/05/09 21:02, by DrunKin
05/05/09 19:15
Creolophus/HenL vs. PadasH/Aca Game1
195 kB, 05/05/09 19:15, by DrunKin
05/05/09 19:32
Creolophus/HenL vs. PadasH/Aca Game2
154 kB, 05/05/09 19:32, by DrunKin
05/05/09 20:36
HenL vs. PadasH Game3
175 kB, 05/05/09 20:36, by DrunKin
05/05/09 21:20
Round 1
176 kB, 05/05/09 21:20, by HenL (NOR)
05/05/09 21:18
Round 2
78 kB, 05/05/09 21:18, by HenL (NOR)
04/05/09 22:16
Statement from Norway
Hey everyone,

Norway starts the ENC qualification against a very strong team facing players such as Aca and Padash. Serbia made a nice performance versus Hungary in the first qualification round and showed some high level play. Still i'm confident in our team. We have a very strong lineup crowned by the presence of the legend Creolophus. The players have been practicing for this event and are in pretty good shape. I predict a close match but think we got the edge to come out victorious. Howewer i wish all the luck to our serbian friends and a nice match!
05/05/09 01:29
Statement from Serbia
Hello everyone!

After our not perfect, but successful match vs team Hungary, we're facing the team of Norway. In the past, Norway players' had shown some nice achievements crowded by Creo's WCG title. Their other players are definitely not to be underestimated, and we will give all we've got to win this match. We are highly motivated as this is the first season of ENC for our renewed team, and I am sure that we will bring a nice show to audience.

Good Luck & Have Fun vikings team

comments (43)
haha lucky us, gl Norway !
creo back bye serbia ^^
pisaj u usta! Srbija FTW
ehehe gogo Norge! creo and henl pwnzor
TargA and TargA junior aka Creo win.
pff tough one! gogo Serbia,Aca & Padash!
gazi brate!
Creo & TargA vs Aca % Padash... will be interesting
gl Norway :)

dreaming of u aca
me and yaeger representin' woot
wednesday 19cet.
Postponed to wednesday at 19:00

Gl Serbia!

As I told you in the email already, it is not possible to reschedule the clanwar.
You will have to play at the default time, tomorrow.
I really don't understand why, it's totally senceless. If this date/time doesn't work for any of the players, what then ? And what's the point of that, if other date/time is good for all !?
rofl,forbiding to pp the clanwar for 24h because of what? thats total bullshit. leagues are not played coz of admins, and ur so called 'force'. learn that once.
+1 some people may works or be at school at this time.....
Match is going to be tuesday at 19:00 after agreement with headadmin Happy and Serbian team manager Srle. Good luck!
yup tuesday 19cet.
I am looking forward to see creo back in action, HF both teams
interesting !
gl guys ;)
OMG creo,u are soooo godlike :D
hahaha nice one, creo <3
GGs Norway, gl in next round ! I don't see who can stop them on their way to group stage, creo is just .. ^^
when all bullshitted moon with his style/achivements creo came back to teach you that elf still roxx
yeah creo!!!!!!! please come back :D
The only NE that surprised me many times, and he continues doing it: 4k^Creolophus you will be always that different player ¡

GJ ¡
Padash down?
Imba Creo, the best if not inactive ;)
Would be nice to see him on a great tourney again vs rly heavy guys like grubby or sth

Creo back in action
Creo best!

My favorite elf <3
Creo imba
Creo's one of my favourite players.
Is he C O M E B A C K ? :-D
hope so :-D
Killed 2 good active players after 2 years inactive... thats.. impossible for everyone, but not for creo :D
creo > all !_!
Sad Serbia , sad Padash
omg creo you are really amazing , I ever seen a player winning 2 matches after 2 years inactive in big competitions and doing a come back like this , that's why I enjoy watching play Creo ,only surprises ))
Padash down!!!
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