Italy vs. Spain
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Date Tuesday, 05/05/09 17:00
Calculated 06/05/09 01:12
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1on1:  Melting Valley, Ancient Isle
stiLo 0 : 2 MaCk
1on1:  Echo Isles, Ancient Isle
ArAchNoPhoBiA 0 : 0 VortiX
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Ancient Isle
stiLo 0 : 2 VortiX
1on1:  Secret Valley, Ancient Isle
ArAchNoPhoBiA 0 : 0 MaCk
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, Avalanche
ArAchNoPhoBiA, YaZo 0 : 2 Arius, MaCk
Spain wins !
ITA 0 : 3 ES
Points 0 : +3
05/05/09 21:16
ArAchNoPhoBiA/YaZo vs. Arius/MaCk Game1
104 kB, 05/05/09 21:16, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
05/05/09 21:33
ArAchNoPhoBiA/YaZo vs. Arius/MaCk Game2
177 kB, 05/05/09 21:33, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
05/05/09 18:03
stiLo vs. MaCk Game1
107 kB, 05/05/09 18:03, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
05/05/09 18:43
stiLo vs. MaCk Game2
173 kB, 05/05/09 18:43, by Arius (ES)
05/05/09 18:44
stiLo vs. VortiX Game1
90 kB, 05/05/09 18:44, by Arius (ES)
05/05/09 18:45
stiLo vs. VortiX Game2
86 kB, 05/05/09 18:45, by Arius (ES)
05/05/09 12:36

Hi all:)

We are ready for the first match of this enc, coming from the good results of the last season... we hope we can perform our best versus the one who is (imo) the best team of this season... so we need a miracle... but i believe in jesus:)

oh wait! (cit.)
04/05/09 16:40
Spain Vs Italy
In QR2 we are facing the last country starting with I in the whole tournament, after we defeated Ireland in QR1. We want to try our potential vs other letters, so we have to win this match in order to advance further.

After the convincing victory of Lucifron in ESWC, the other spanish players want to show that they can be very competitive too, so it won't be an easy win for Italy!

Anyway, Good Luck Italian mates, do it for the I!
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Good luck !!!!!!
YES WE CAN !!! http://i40.tinypic.com/2zpt5hs.gif
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hi thx we need;) ... deafult day is ok? europe pro 1v1 @ garena?
hi thx we need;) ... deafult day is ok? europe pro 1v1 @ garena?
add H3LL or me in msn or icq, thx :)
Have Fun & Good Luck!
gogo spain!! hf italy :D
Gg gl Italy!
gl Italian friends : )
gl :))
Spanish win! ;) GO
Go Go Spain!!!

GL & HF Italy ;)
Gooo Spain! gglhf Italy^^
gl both teams! gogogo WaRRioR!!
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such a football derby
what a bad qr2 for italy >.< gogo spain
sorry but duran > italy : O
italy world champions spain europe champions (world>europe)
spain easy
As I told you in the email already, it is not possible to reschedule the clanwar.
You will have to play at the default time, tomorrow.
Luci > Everybody sorry :)
nice statement, Spain!
gogo gl =)
hola (escusame por lo espanol) podemos eventualmente aplazar un match a la tarde, a le nueve por ejemplo? gracias...
gL guys!
las nueve y media es mejor...
yeah no problem :)
Manca lo statement, ci danno penalità se non lo mettiamo :(
gracias si no hay problemas podemos hacer toda la cw a las nueve y media? es una hora mas espanola;)
No, the cw will start today at 17:00h, we cant change all cw because enc admins told it. You can pp only 1 1v1 or 2v2 if you need it.
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Gogo Martii!
gogo MaCk :)
GG wp italian friends!

PS: remember the ñ stuff if you ever come to spain xDDD
GG Spain. Thanks for the CW. The results seemed already written and actually the prediction is confirmed by a pretty strong 3-0. Moreover special thanks to Arius that has done as best he could for let we play the cw, accepting changes of our line-up and postponing for us 3 matches, although the 2n2 has decided the clanwar.

GgL for the continuation of the ENC.
yes we can't
quanto parli bene lo spagnolo new :P
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