Hungary vs. Serbia
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MatchID 13278336
Date Friday, 24/04/09 18:00
Calculated 24/04/09 20:00
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1on1:  Melting Valley, <tba><tba>
DNA 2 : 0 Aca
1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
Athep 0 : 2 PadasH
1on1:  Ancient Isle, <tba><tba>
DNA : PadasH
1on1:  Death Trap, <tba><tba>
Athep 0 : 2 Aca
2on2:  Lost Temple (RoC version), <tba><tba>
DNA, Athep 0 : 2 PadasH, Aca
Serbia wins !
HUN 1 : 3 SRB
Points +1 : +3
24/04/09 20:09
Athep vs. Aca Game1
153 kB, 24/04/09 20:09, by SrLe (SRB)
24/04/09 19:56
Athep vs. Aca Game2
73 kB, 24/04/09 19:56, by SrLe (SRB)
24/04/09 19:04
Athep vs. PadasH Game1
124 kB, 24/04/09 19:04, by D4nny
24/04/09 19:24
Athep vs. PadasH Game2
125 kB, 24/04/09 19:24, by D4nny
24/04/09 19:13
DNA vs Aca Game1
141 kB, 24/04/09 19:13, by DarkSidee (HUN)
24/04/09 19:59
DNA vs. Aca Game2
110 kB, 24/04/09 19:59, by D4nny
24/04/09 18:25
DNA/Athep vs. PadasH/Aca Game1
203 kB, 24/04/09 18:25, by D4nny
24/04/09 18:44
DNA/Athep vs. PadasH/Aca Game2
172 kB, 24/04/09 18:44, by D4nny
19/04/09 18:36
1. Round
Let's get the party started in 2009! The ENC is back, and the hungarian troopers have to face against the famous soliders of
serbia! This will be the last match in this season for the looser, so we have to put an all-in too, just like aca wrote it.
Serbia have some incredible player, just like the mentioned Aca, so DNA, Flooyd, Rabbit, Athep suit up! Here we come again!
17/04/09 15:31
So, after I've seen the team we're facing in this qualies I thought like 'Oh, it's okay, it's not Spain'... Later, I clicked on their Team-profile to check their roster, and I saw that they have players such as DNA, LeaD, and Rabbit who surely can do a lot of damage. This match will be very though, but I hope we can overcome them.
We're entering the match with ALL-IN, and hopefully, it will pay off.

Good Luck team Hungary, have fun everyone else!
comments (43)
D to the N to the A
GL buddies :)
ajmo jebi madjare !!!
gl hf guys:)
oh my god, Acccccaaa

gl brothers.
gl hf :)
gl Hungary
gogo let's rumble:)
gogo Aca & PadasH!!
Hungary will win ^^
friday 24.04 18cet.
"DNA, LeaD, and Rabbit" sounds like 0-10 solostats @ ladder :D
never heard
'Oh, it's okay, it's not Spain'

gl hungary :p
Aca )))))))))))))))
Srle ))))))))))))))))
lol ae aco preskiluj ovo :D gl
serbia easy..
i dunno where i can write our statement but well here goes:

"Statement title"

"Actual statement text"

Hey there dear fans, and jealous onlookers! I know you are expecting us to go allout against the so famous serbian team with starplayers like Giacomo and DIDI8. Since we undoubtedly know that we are no match for high class teams like this, and our top combination of DNA + LeaD is mostly inactive and getting flushed down more and more down the gutters, i should inform you that we´ll be using the countrys strongest and most active players, Namely Athep and scottee! They are renowned for playing in famous leagues like RSL and HCL, where they compete with topplayers, namely Shanur Rabbit DNA Flooyd corrupt.souls Spelp and last but not least me.
Athep - Winner of the last RSL season, very young at the age of 21
scottee - Didn´t win anything yet, but has potential as he most recently beat the "100% vs hungarians record holder" DNA!!
I have yet to mention our countrys pride and hope, our secret weapon, SO secret that the young chap isn´t even on the roster - Locust! Although finishing third at ICL a few weeks back, he showed utmost potential, beating topplayers like Rabbit and corrupt.souls while scratching his *censored*.
Might aswell play 2on2 with SiLC, just for old times sake, but i doubt that our team would seed us since we are too rusty and we need 100% so an all CG.Athep + CG.sco lu will hopefully take this down.

We hereby fold pocket LeaDNA from the button, cuz we´ve become too tight to play against an allin from middle position with no action beforehand. GL serbia
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dont mention lead pls, he is idiot
:))) gogo serbia!!!
lol lead, go watch more ecchi anime instead of comment laming .____________.
lead didn't take his medicines
gogo lead, anything else?:)
lead stop being a jealous noob plz

gogo Hungary!
1 edits
wow i am mentioned as top palyer :D
dear lead u wanna talk about it? u were sexaully abused at ur childhood or what?
Gogo Serbia ! Gl ljudi , prebijte !
SNAKE ????
#18, DIDI8 is Bulgarian.
get the irony buddy
Go Aca baby <3
Sasuke baby <3 ;D
gogo GOVEDO !! :)
Meet @ENC Room in Garena - WCIP|D4nny is your admin.
Go Aca! Go DNA! Die Padash!
ggs hungary !
GG's, congrat Aca+PadasH
GG's wp :)
sad, and i was right as always, this is just sad
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