Ireland vs. Spain
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Date Saturday, 25/04/09 20:00
Calculated 25/04/09 21:57
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1on1:  Melting Valley, Terenas Stand<tba>
B4CK4GAIN 0 : 2 MaCk
1on1:  Echo Isles, Terenas Stand<tba>
Vociferous 0 : 2 Arius
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Echo Isle<tba>
Vociferous 0 : 2 MaCk
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Melting Valley<tba>
B4CK4GAIN 0 : 2 Arius
2on2:  Avalanche, Twisted Meadows<tba>
Vociferous, Sinister 0 : 2 Arius, MaCk
Spain wins !
IRL 0 : 5 ES
Points 0 : +5
25/04/09 21:45
B4CK4GAIN vs. Arius Game1
73 kB, 25/04/09 21:45, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
25/04/09 21:45
B4CK4GAIN vs. Arius Game2
90 kB, 25/04/09 21:45, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
25/04/09 21:48
B4CK4GAIN vs. MaCk Game1
94 kB, 25/04/09 21:48, by RaRuM (ES)
25/04/09 21:49
B4CK4GAIN vs. MaCk Game1
59 kB, 25/04/09 21:49, by RaRuM (ES)
25/04/09 21:09
Vociferous vs. Arius Game1
78 kB, 25/04/09 21:09, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
25/04/09 21:50
Vociferous vs. Arius Game2
60 kB, 25/04/09 21:50, by Arius (ES)
25/04/09 21:57
Vociferous vs. MaCk Game1
78 kB, 25/04/09 21:57, by MaCk (ES)
25/04/09 21:58
Vociferous vs. MaCk Game2
170 kB, 25/04/09 21:58, by Sinister (IRL)
25/04/09 21:07
Vociferous/Sinister vs. Arius/MaCk Game1
100 kB, 25/04/09 21:07, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
25/04/09 21:04
Vociferous/Sinister vs. Arius/MaCk Game2
183 kB, 25/04/09 21:04, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
21/04/09 21:40
Ireland vs. Spain
Well, here we are. After struggling for a number of weeks to try and get a team going I finally got one! Our first opponent Spain, home to the famous Orc Lucifron and his two brothers. This is Ireland's first year in ENC, and probably one of the first time many of you have heard of Irish Warcraft III players. Well, there are!

We know what's ahead of us against Spain, and although we don't have high hopes of coming out on top (probably not taking a map), we are motivated and will give it our best shot! We are looking forward to the challenge and the invaluable experience we will all gain from the match.

We look forward to hopefully some well fought matches, some laughs and a hella lot of luck!

Best of luck Spain!
21/04/09 18:28
Spain Vs Ireland
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Qualification Round 1 of the European Nations Championship 2009! Take a seat and enjoy this wonderful show! In each match two countries will struggle for honour and respect, for renown and fame, for blood and freedom!!! (OK, too exaggerated? Nevermind!)

This week Spain faces Ireland in a fight which may seem unequal, but our Irish friends are really motivated (so we are), and you should never underestimate the potential of a high moral, so we will be ready!

Lets hope for some interesting games and a fun match!

Good Luck mates, but more important, Have Fun!

(Ye, I finished all sentences with an exclamation mark, did you realize that?)!
comments (44)
GL ! David Rodriguez FIGHTING ! ^^
go go Moreno Duran brothers :D
Good Luck Ireland!
gl hf guys ;)
#2 and what about MaCk? aca fuuuu
2 edits
Ireland team got 1 player
gogo MaCk! :P
spain- team owner: Sebastian Radu (romanian) :)
gl funky :D
This is gonna hurt! :>

GL Spain.
1 edits
MaCk fighting ! Gl mate ;)
gogo spain
I'm the only player for Ireland :X
Gogo Sinister! Kick some ass!
Go Spain! gl hf Ireland :D
GoGo Arius, GoGo Spain ;D
In the name of da father, da son, da holy spirit let Ireland beat spain tommorrow.
guys open msn / icq, we have to talk ;)
I'm contacting the other members now.

Arius, I have sent you a second E-mail with my MSN. I'm around pretty much all day tomorrow so try and get in contact with me whenever you can.

Good luck guys ;)
Go Ireland! xD
Any news?
Saturday 17:00h CET
Saturday 17:00 CET.

Good luck, guys!
Time changed to 18:00.
Let's do this!!

GOGO Spain!!!
ireland 3-0 easy :D
3:0 indeed. these spanish guys have no chances !

GL HF, both of you!
wrong LU@Ireland?
EI: Vociferous vs Arius
AI: Vociferous vs MaCk
TR: B4CK4GAIN vs Arius
2vs2: Sinister-Vociferous vs Arius-MaCk
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gogo Spain !
go Mack !
GG wp Ireland! Mannered and funny cw.

Best wishes.
East > West! :P

GG Spain. Thanks for the experience. Best of luck in the rest of ENC!!

At least you know you have 3 Irish guys cheering for you now! :D
gg's ¡
Whitewash wp spain. GL with rest of qualifers ~_~
i just love to see manners like this after the cw ;>... had to express my feelings :D
Aca dont cry baby! ;)
Bien jugado España!
no need of lucifron :D
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