Finland vs. Spain
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MatchID 13278227
Date Sunday, 07/06/09 19:00
Calculated 07/06/09 21:50
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Finland
    ( Rule 5.5.1. - Wrong Lineup )

1 Minor Penalty  for  Spain
    ( 2.18 rescheduling )

Result Media 
1on1:  Death Trap, Twisted Meadows<tba>
Satiini 0 : 2 LucifroN7
1on1:  Secret Valley, Twisted Meadows<tba>
elfittaja 2 : 0 VortiX
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Echo Isles, Turtle Rock
Satiini 1 : 2 VortiX
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Turtle Rock<tba>
elfittaja 0 : 2 LucifroN7
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, Turtle Rock<tba>
elfittaja, Satiini 2 : 0 LucifroN7, Ryo_
Spain wins !
FIN 2 : 3 ES
Points +2 : +3
07/06/09 21:33
LucifroN vs Elfittaja game2
96 kB, 07/06/09 21:33, by MaCk (ES)
07/06/09 20:35
Satiini vs. LucifroN7 Game1
148 kB, 07/06/09 20:35, by DrunKin
07/06/09 20:47
Satiini vs. LucifroN7 Game2
60 kB, 07/06/09 20:47, by DrunKin
07/06/09 21:54
Satiini vs. VortiX Game1
184 kB, 07/06/09 21:54, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
07/06/09 21:53
Satiini vs. VortiX Game2
86 kB, 07/06/09 21:53, by H3LLF1R3 (ES)
07/06/09 21:49
Satiini vs. VortiX Game3
150 kB, 07/06/09 21:49, by DrunKin
07/06/09 21:21
elfittaja vs. LucifroN7 Game1
136 kB, 07/06/09 21:21, by DrunKin
07/06/09 20:41
elfittaja vs. VortiX Game1
103 kB, 07/06/09 20:41, by Arius (ES)
07/06/09 20:41
elfittaja vs. VortiX Game2
128 kB, 07/06/09 20:41, by Arius (ES)
07/06/09 19:32
elfittaja/Satiini vs. LucifroN7/Ryo_ Game1
221 kB, 07/06/09 19:32, by DrunKin
07/06/09 19:46
elfittaja/Satiini vs. LucifroN7/Ryo_ Game2
103 kB, 07/06/09 19:46, by DrunKin
05/06/09 13:13
Hello Finalnd!
First match for you, fourth for us! Your lack of experience in this year's edition of ENC should be a deciding factor in the outcome of the match, imo. Well, maybe not.

This year we are stronger than ever with the new system, and our players are in great shape, so we aim for the top. I guess many more countries benefit from this change, as you said, but we want (and hope) to beat them all!

So, we have to start with Finland. You are hungry? Be careful, we are like a pinecone: you can put it in your mouth, but it's hard to chew and doesn't feed you, just hurts!

Serious now, Finland has some really talented and known players, so I hope for many close games and a great show for the fans (and for us!)
Best of luck, Finnish friends, see you in the battlefield, on my birthday ^^!

Pinecones fighting!
04/06/09 21:19
Hello Spain!
ENC starting once again, with so many strong team this year. The new format will surely make this season even more interesting as it gives better chances to more teams for doing well. It will be interesting to see which teams do good for themselves this year.

So we will be facing Spain in our kick-off match for 2009. It will be interesting to see how we do against Lucifron and his comrades.

Finland is back, hungry as ever. So be prepared!
comments (47)
gl hf finland !
glhf spain ^^
gl finland guys :)
GG gl!
gl finlanddd
gl finland!!! ^^

go spain!!
good luck spain!
Finland, add H3LL or me in msn or icq pls, we have to talk
gl hf Finland!

gogo Spain! :D
gogo spain! hf finland
gogogogo Spain for the win !!
Sunday, 07/06/09, 19:00h
Finland and Spain have agreed on changing the matchdate to Sunday, 7th June 19:00 CET
Duran brothers,Arius & Mack ll conquer Europe!!
In statement, Finalnd = Finland xD

My pinecone friend, you are forgiven for your mistake:D
ty ^^
gratz h3ll :D
GL HF Finland!

Go Go Spain!
Luci > all
GL finland
gl Spain
go ORC go Lucifron
am i blind or is sats really playing 2 times vs lucifron?^^
#25 fin sent the lu bad :S
gogogo hermanos :D
go spain gogogo
#26 u mean spain sent the lu bad?
#29 left team must post ABAB lineup. You're welcome for the information :D gl hf spa & fin
ok thx! :D
haha sats surely disconnected cuz he has to go to toilet and was sure that elfi would finish the rest! Oo
and again...:(
Sati/Creo just come back and screw all the new hopes on the warcraft horizone. Epic
sats was never inactive Oo
he just had some bad months of wc3 and wasn't involved in leagues or events where u get notice of him :P
satiini already won that first game against lucifron but disced and it was regamed.. admins learn something about the game!!
..................so unfair
lucifron7 isin't a man.......
#34 i thought Sats wasnt inactive o_O
haistakaa ny vittu......
pure hate -.-
#41 not healthy.

spain is one family xD :)
almost like serrano's
#45 Loool Los Serrano xDDD he is marcos then !
GoGo Spain !! goodgame
#44 ye :)
ggs mates and go next ^^
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