Italy vs. Turkey
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MatchID 13631773
Date Thursday, 07/05/09 20:30
Calculated 08/05/09 01:18
firstmap de_train
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de_train 16 : 6
de_inferno 16 : 1
Italy wins !
Points +3 : 0
07/05/09 21:47
Screen - de_inferno 1
319 kB, 07/05/09 21:47, by kIMERA (IT)
07/05/09 21:47
Screen - de_inferno 2
293 kB, 07/05/09 21:47, by kIMERA (IT)
07/05/09 21:47
Screen - de_train 1
294 kB, 07/05/09 21:47, by kIMERA (IT)
07/05/09 21:47
Screen - de_train 2
300 kB, 07/05/09 21:47, by kIMERA (IT)
07/05/09 22:11
Aeq. - turkey - blaZen
2.9 MB, 07/05/09 22:11, by asmo (TR)
07/05/09 21:45
Aeq. - turkey - breaker
3.4 MB, 07/05/09 21:45, by asmo (TR)
07/05/09 21:52
Aeq. - turkey - umbRa
6.3 MB, 07/05/09 21:52, by umbRa (TR)
07/05/09 21:45
Aequitas - italia - kimera
3.8 MB, 07/05/09 21:45, by kIMERA (IT)
07/05/09 21:46
Aequitas - italia - pwnage
3.7 MB, 07/05/09 21:46, by pou :L (IT)
07/05/09 22:04
5.7 MB, 07/05/09 22:04, by Buba (IT)
07/05/09 21:44
aeq Nembo
3.3 MB, 07/05/09 21:44, by Nembo (IT)
07/05/09 21:43
aeq italian Stylahhhhh
2.2 MB, 07/05/09 21:43, by Stylahhhhh (IT)





pou :L






07/05/09 18:56
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04/05/09 12:57
Prematch Statement
2009 new ENC season, starting in the third qualifying round and we hope for more luck than last year.
Since the last season we lost two players for inactivity, so we had to change our line up. We searched and we found one new players. We hope to have more luck with him.

Our opponent "Team Turkey" is an unknown team for us, we don´t know any player from their squad. So we can´t say anything about the real strength of team Turkey although in the second beat his opponent.

We hope to have an better start in this season than in the last year. We will try to give the best of ourselves to go to the next round and get well in the fourth round.

May the best team win! Gl and HF
05/05/09 22:42
Prematch Statement
We had a fresh start in this season's ENC, renewing our roster almost completely. In QR2 we managed to overcome a tough opponent, Ireland. Now, we have to face another strong opponent, Italy. Our lineup in QR2 proved to be a good team both with personal skills and teamwork, however due to various reasons we now have to change 3 players. Fortunately any Turkish player is ready to give two times their best, therefore we do not have much concern regarding the performances of our fresh players.

Team Italy is a known team of Europe and we have high respect of them. Having many individually skilled players, a compilation of 5 players of skill, no doubt will prove to be a strong team.

We will be ready to give our best for the match, at least trying to put a game which will be enjoyed by the spectators.

Good luck and have fun!
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comments (40)
#1 Yeahhh Haydi türkiye bastirrr !!
tabi canim
hello Italy

hi kimera
gL & hF
Hi, in which chan of mirc can I speak with "captain" of turkey team?
sry breaker I'm gonna have to cheer for Italy on this one ;)
gL & hf
hi kimera, we can meet on #team-turkey this evening.
nice game!
bet Turkey all

kimera will be back on monday so he won't be on irc tonight
italy 4 the win !
well any of you can join and talk about the issue(i do not have any clue :) )
i guess its just for server decision umbra nothing else ;P
ah i am so excited, ah i cant wait :P
kk thx
I'm here, dont worry :)
gogogo italy
umbRa, maybe tuesday 05/05/09 20.30cet ?
i'll have to talk to my mates, i'll probably answer tonight but i should say in advance that it is a real small probability :(
goooo nembo gooooooo italy!!!!!
türkiye gogo!
TÜRK1YE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333
go stylahhhhhhh
i wish a big good luck for my team turkey, come on guyssssss get them!!!!
Turkey FTW!
qL,hF TurKey o_O
gl hf ^^
kimera join channel #enc.teams.css and ask without or me for the pw of the server pls
IT doesn't matter...
Go breaker! Go Turkey!
GG italy <3

(Poco arati xD)
i upload aeq of blazen because he got probs
Nice italia :D
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