Poland vs. Slovakia
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MatchID 3607940
Date Thursday, 20/04/06 21:00
Calculated 21/04/06 01:05
map de_nuke
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20 : 10
Poland wins !
Points +3 : 0

20/04/06 17:35
European Nations Championship III (CS): Matchday #2
[ Statements: ]
PL|Ryan: After the first victory over Luxembourg, it's time to take on Slovakia tonight. Their team seems to be in a good shape and althoguh it was "only" de_cbble, they still beat Austria, one of the finalists of the last season. We are looking forward to meeting dev1 & co, hoping to take the second win in a row and hence make a big step towards the play-offs.

SVK|kEjv: Team Poland is very strong opponent and also our biggest competitor in our group. Names like LUq, Taz, Neo, speak for them selves. Don't know now who's gonna play for Team Poland in this match, but it looks to me like the old pentagram reunion ;] Fortunately de_nuke is our favorit map, so we are hoping for fair result. No matter what, better will win! GL^HF 2all!

Beginn: Thursday, 20.04.06 21:00 CET

Livebot: #enc.cs

HLTV: tba

[ Lineup: ]
PL: kuben, Neo, pionas, ruloN, TaZ
SVK: h4, LNr, Murco, Gr3g1, cHEEs

[ Map: de_nuke ]

Poland [xx:xx] Slovakia

Poland [xx:xx] Slovakia

Poland [xx:xx] Slovakia
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