EMS Season VII Estonian Qualifier
The ESL Major Series is the most important online tournament in Europe, featuring the best teams from every country fighting in the Champions League of eSports. Today we announce details regarding the ESL Major Series VII Qualifier for the Estonian Counter-Strike: Source teams.

Prize Money

ESL Major Series VII
Counter-Strike: Source


The performance of Estonian teams in the ESL Major Series so far has earned the country :
  • Estonia: 1 qualification round 1 slot

Qualifiers details

The qualifiers has to be finished before 10th September.
The exact structure of the qualifiers will be determined after we have an idea of the number of sign-ups.



- Missing/incomplete Aequitas results Default loss
- No show results in default loss
- Once a player has played for a team in the qualifier, they may not play for any other team
- At all times in-game teams must have three players that reside in the team country or have nationality provable with an up to date ID or passport.
- Match times are fixed each night and cannot be rescheduled later without approval of admins
- Matches can be rescheduled to be played earlier if both teams agree


The use of our anti-cheat client ESL Aequitas (included with ESL Wire) is compulsory!

All players must use Aequitas during their matches and afterwards upload their Aequitas archive. Failure will result in default loss!

Please test your Aequitas before the cup!


A screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each half must be taken and uploaded to the match page within 24 hours.
The side with rcon access must take rcon status screenshots.
The side without rcon access must take status screenshots.

rcon status and status are different console commands!
A rcon status/status screenshot must be taken:
-at the beginning of the match
-in case of a server/player change
-if a player reconnects
It is the responsibility of both sides to ensure all screenshots are uploaded to the match page within 24 hours of the match ending.


It is mandatory for all players to record point of view (POV) demos for the full duration of all matches without exception. Players should record one demo per half of a map. SourceTV demos are not a replacement.
Incomplete, defective, manipulated or edited demos will in general be treated as missing demos.
Demos can only be demanded up to a maximum of 30 minutes after a match via the 'Request match media (demos/replays)' function on the match details page.
How many demos am I allowed to request?
Per match you can request one Demo per team.
- Where do I request demos?
Demo requests are only valid when they are requested within 30 minutes after the match via request form. A proper request should look like this:
Team side,
Example: CT de_dust2

Both sides should check the demo requests of a match after the 30 minutes has passed. The requested demos must be uploaded to the match page (packed in separate *.zip files).

Common problems

If you have problems with your antivirus, see here for a fix

If you have a problem with CS:Source crashing with an error like "hl2.exe The instruction...", this can be fixed by disabling the Steam community functions in-game.

If you have "code 4" then download the standalone Aequitas and be sure to quit ESL Wire before using it!

How to sign up

- All players in your team must register on the ESL.

Important! If you have ever registered before and you have forgotten your details, do not make a new account, write a support ticket.

- All players in your team must register their SteamID (HL2/CSS) gameaccount.

- The team captain should create the team by going to My Teams (at the top) and Register new team.

- After creating the team, the captain should set a password (My Teams -> Manage team -> Edit team, then give the link to the team to all players who can join it with the 'join team' link on the team page.

- Once all players have done the above and are in the team, the captain can sign the team up using the links at the top of this news.

Sign up!

Sign up closes at 6th September

Good Luck!
Best Regards,
ESL Play CIS Admin Team

Junior, Thursday, 02/09/10 16:17
CS:S 5on5 EMS Season VII Estonian Qualifier
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