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Orion  id: 5812740

Name Jelte 
Nick Orion
Member since 07/04/11
Age / Gender 24 Years / male
Nationality  Netherlands
Country Netherlands
Occupation Cook
Main team --
Homepage http://www.mopp4.net/
MOPP 4′s gaming community was created to cater to those who have served or currently serve in the armed forces around the world as well as friends, family & supporters of the armed forces.

We also now proudly support the Wounded Warrior Project. The charity is nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, that seeks to honor and empower our wounded warriors.
Level & Awards
  8 Awards  
CoD4 MW (PC)
Arctic Combat
Tetris Friends
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VS. Placements
Season 2 2015 (30/09/15 11:55)
This player doesn't have a VERSUS ranking in the current season.
Recent matches
  Call of Duty 4 1on1 S&D ESL Series
loss L0rdDamian  -20 Tuesday, 02/07/13 19:00 3
  Tetris Friends Open Ladder 1on1 Europe
win L0rdDamian  +27 Thursday, 15/03/12 21:00 0
loss Elitesniper.sk  -29 Saturday, 10/03/12 23:40 2
  CoD4 Open Ladder 1on1 Search and Destroy Europe
loss L0rdDamian  -24 Tuesday, 17/01/12 21:00 6
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