History SintoX Friends
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06.11.11 14:51h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_member  F4T4TT4CK
06.11.11 14:55h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_member  lowbird
06.11.11 14:56h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam child_kick  Die gefürchteten Halunken
06.11.11 16:09h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_member  valle
06.11.11 18:35h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_member  coraxi
07.11.11 12:19h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam join_league  Europe Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Clanlist
20.11.11 20:29h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_member  Silber
21.11.11 17:25h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_member  PaFe
26.11.11 10:11h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_child  WhatzZ.UP 3v3
27.11.11 12:56h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam leave_member  valle
27.11.11 19:57h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam leave_member  Falke
02.12.11 22:14h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam new_member  DeStInY
03.12.11 00:23h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam child_change  WhatzZ.Up 3v3 MW3
03.12.11 00:23h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam child_change  WhatzZ.Up 5v5 MW3
03.12.11 00:24h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam child_change  WhatzZ.UP 3v3
03.12.11 00:25h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam set_parent  WhatzZ UP Gaming
03.12.11 00:25h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam child_change  WhatzZ.Up Cup MW3
03.12.11 00:26h WhatzZ.Up Mainteam change_name  WhatzZ.Up Cup 2
03.12.11 00:27h WhatzZ.Up Cup 2 change_name  WhatzZ.Up Cup
07.12.11 23:10h WhatzZ.Up Cup leave_member  LwBd
08.12.11 19:32h WhatzZ.Up Cup leave_member  Ankaraz
09.12.11 18:30h WhatzZ.Up Cup leave_member  PaFe
11.12.11 19:23h WhatzZ.Up Cup leave_member  DeStInY
12.12.11 19:43h WhatzZ.Up Cup new_member  PaFe
16.12.11 23:34h WhatzZ.Up Cup leave_member  PaFe
19.12.11 07:06h WhatzZ.Up Cup received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_6months"
19.12.11 23:32h WhatzZ.Up Cup leave_member  hAnSii
27.12.11 19:14h WhatzZ.Up Cup kick_member  Nudelmann / by 2397499
27.12.11 19:14h WhatzZ.Up Cup kick_member  Silber / by 2397499
30.12.11 01:23h WhatzZ.Up Cup new_member  blAze___
30.12.11 13:22h WhatzZ.Up Cup new_member  Panics.dE
01.01.12 11:51h WhatzZ.Up Cup wanna_join_league  Europe Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 5on5 Winter League 2011
04.01.12 15:24h WhatzZ.Up Cup new_member  Soul
04.01.12 15:27h WhatzZ.Up Cup new_member  KillerCop.bo
07.01.12 17:41h WhatzZ.Up Cup new_member  FreeRayda
07.01.12 23:21h WhatzZ.Up Cup new_member  Babe
15.01.12 16:17h WhatzZ.Up Cup change_name  WhatzZ.Up 3v3 Allstars
15.01.12 16:20h WhatzZ.Up 3v3 Allstars kick_member  KillerCop.bo / by 2397499
15.01.12 16:21h WhatzZ.Up 3v3 Allstars kick_member  Panics.dE / by 2397499
17.01.12 19:44h WhatzZ.Up 3v3 Allstars change_name  WhatzZ.Up MW3 Allstars
28.01.12 09:49h WhatzZ.Up MW3 Allstars change_name  SintoX MW3 Allstars
29.01.12 04:57h SintoX MW3 Allstars new_member  Chelsea/SoupKinG
06.02.12 20:21h SintoX MW3 Allstars leave_member  FreeRayda
06.02.12 20:30h SintoX MW3 Allstars leave_member  coraxi
08.02.12 19:45h SintoX MW3 Allstars leave_member  Soul
11.02.12 13:26h SintoX MW3 Allstars change_name  SintoX Friends
04.05.12 18:13h SintoX Friends leave_member  blAze_aKa.DR4W
19.06.12 07:09h SintoX Friends received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_1year"
19.06.13 08:27h SintoX Friends received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_2years"
21.09.14 17:55h SintoX Friends kick_member  Babe / by 2397499
21.09.14 17:56h SintoX Friends kick_member  BraunschweiG1895 / by 2397499
21.09.14 17:56h SintoX Friends kick_member  Chelsea/SoupKinG / by 2397499
22.09.14 00:24h SintoX Friends deleted_from_team  F4TTY

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