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History Naboki
created action
07.06.04 23:00h The Real Fighters register_team  BriXa
07.06.04 23:10h The Real Fighters new_member  silence
08.06.04 15:35h The Real Fighters new_member  Pamuschka
08.06.04 15:38h The Real Fighters new_member  SwizzBeatz
09.06.04 03:10h The Real Fighters new_member  Maverick
27.06.04 12:19h The Real Fighters new_member  K1ng
07.07.04 22:33h The Real Fighters new_member  neonhs
08.07.04 13:24h The Real Fighters new_child  mrks nd bors
10.07.04 17:56h The Real Fighters new_child  Real Fighter the second
25.07.04 17:23h The Real Fighters leave_member  neonhs
28.07.04 16:30h The Real Fighters change_name  NaBoKi
29.07.04 11:24h NaBoKi new_member  HappyHippo
15.08.04 18:33h NaBoKi new_member  christ
20.08.04 19:52h NaBoKi kick_member  HappyHippo
20.08.04 19:53h NaBoKi kick_member  Van Helsing
25.08.04 13:14h NaBoKi new_member  br0t
25.08.04 13:16h NaBoKi new_member  protte
26.08.04 13:06h NaBoKi new_member  Jones
26.08.04 13:35h NaBoKi new_member  neonhs
26.08.04 20:13h NaBoKi new_child  mrks nd jones
26.08.04 20:59h NaBoKi new_member  d0e aka XtC
05.09.04 18:18h NaBoKi new_member  Kabal
12.09.04 13:30h NaBoKi new_child  mrks nd mrks
02.10.04 13:09h NaBoKi kick_member  br0t
04.10.04 11:51h NaBoKi new_member  linky
04.10.04 12:04h NaBoKi new_member  Silver
04.10.04 16:24h NaBoKi leave_member  linky
11.10.04 22:28h NaBoKi new_child  mrks nd mrc - Time to Frag
12.10.04 15:04h NaBoKi new_member  Bra1ndead
13.10.04 19:00h NaBoKi new_member  Ko-Sar_jr
17.10.04 21:49h NaBoKi leave_member  Bra1ndead
17.10.04 21:49h NaBoKi leave_member  Bra1ndead
17.10.04 21:49h NaBoKi leave_member  Bra1ndead
28.10.04 16:55h NaBoKi new_member  BonS3n
07.11.04 22:02h NaBoKi kick_member  silence
07.11.04 22:03h NaBoKi kick_member  protte
23.11.04 10:57h NaBoKi kick_member  Ko-Sar_jr
26.11.04 18:39h NaBoKi leave_member  Maverick
07.12.04 23:17h NaBoKi kick_member  K1ng
08.12.04 00:06h NaBoKi new_member  PitBuLL
08.12.04 00:26h NaBoKi new_member  KeKs
09.12.04 00:32h NaBoKi leave_member  KeKs
27.12.04 00:35h NaBoKi leave_member  hmmm
27.12.04 00:50h NaBoKi new_member  Brain
03.01.05 03:12h NaBoKi new_child  NaBoKi 2on2.ger
03.01.05 03:13h NaBoKi new_child  NaBoKi 2on2.inT
03.01.05 03:15h NaBoKi new_child  NaBoKi 3on3.ger
08.01.05 18:41h NaBoKi new_member  GeNiuS
14.03.05 17:49h NaBoKi kick_member  Free
14.03.05 17:49h NaBoKi kick_member  Silver
28.03.05 22:45h NaBoKi new_child  NaBoKi 2on2.ger
30.03.05 00:47h NaBoKi kick_member  d0e aka XtC
30.03.05 16:02h NaBoKi new_member  cSen
02.04.05 19:13h NaBoKi new_member  marbie
02.04.05 21:21h NaBoKi new_member  chip
09.04.05 15:38h NaBoKi leave_member  cSen
12.04.05 16:07h NaBoKi leave_member  marbiee
14.04.05 12:21h NaBoKi kick_member  chip
14.04.05 12:29h NaBoKi new_member  soda
26.04.05 04:17h NaBoKi wanna_join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 5on5 CO Ladder
26.04.05 14:36h NaBoKi join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 5on5 CO Ladder
26.04.05 17:26h NaBoKi leave_league  Ger Counter-Strike 5on5 CO Ladder
27.04.05 22:45h NaBoKi new_member  crack3D
07.06.05 20:26h NaBoKi kick_member  Mowlwurf
11.07.05 03:38h NaBoKi new_member  Mowlwurf
27.07.05 11:15h NaBoKi leave_member  stuNt
30.07.05 18:36h NaBoKi kick_member  GeNiuS
30.07.05 18:36h NaBoKi kick_member  soda
30.07.05 18:37h NaBoKi kick_member  SwizzBeatz
11.08.05 19:58h NaBoKi leave_member  BonS3n
18.11.05 00:51h NaBoKi new_member  Silver
02.12.05 19:25h NaBoKi new_member  Lucifer
02.12.05 23:56h NaBoKi new_member  shift
14.12.05 18:37h NaBoKi new_member  aCe
19.12.05 17:38h NaBoKi new_member  Rebell
19.12.05 18:02h NaBoKi new_member  Bastei
22.12.05 14:35h NaBoKi leave_member  aCe
23.12.05 20:25h NaBoKi new_member  tiNa
28.12.05 06:22h NaBoKi new_member  aCe
04.01.06 11:03h NaBoKi new_child  eM feat. tiNa 4 eva
07.01.06 03:24h NaBoKi kick_member  aCe
07.01.06 03:25h NaBoKi new_member  Sh4iT
11.01.06 21:07h NaBoKi kick_member  Bastei
11.01.06 21:07h NaBoKi kick_member  shift
15.02.06 03:33h NaBoKi child_leave  eM feat. tiNa 4 eva
18.02.06 23:07h NaBoKi new_member  AngelGoten
26.02.06 23:39h NaBoKi leave_member  FiKS
11.04.06 10:07h NaBoKi leave_member  DraX
14.04.06 21:10h NaBoKi kick_member  tiNa
14.04.06 21:10h NaBoKi kick_member  Rebell
14.04.06 21:20h NaBoKi new_member  sNp
16.04.06 10:54h NaBoKi new_member  cYDE
19.04.06 01:18h NaBoKi new_member  hot.welli
22.04.06 17:45h NaBoKi new_member  SilenT
23.04.06 14:57h NaBoKi new_member  Qw3rt
03.05.06 03:04h NaBoKi leave_member  neon
04.05.06 19:49h NaBoKi leave_member  Qw3rt
09.05.06 19:42h NaBoKi new_member  molly
09.05.06 19:43h NaBoKi new_member  r0y4L
09.05.06 23:05h NaBoKi leave_member  molly
20.05.06 12:37h NaBoKi new_member  soda
27.05.06 00:01h NaBoKi leave_member  SilenT
27.05.06 19:27h NaBoKi leave_member  sNp
30.05.06 17:03h NaBoKi leave_member  cYDE
13.06.06 18:04h NaBoKi leave_member  AngelGoten
20.06.06 12:01h NaBoKi kick_member  gory
18.09.06 21:39h NaBoKi leave_member  soda
21.09.06 12:16h NaBoKi new_member  Tribut
22.09.06 02:23h NaBoKi kick_member  siLva
22.09.06 02:24h NaBoKi kick_member  Lucifer
22.09.06 02:24h NaBoKi kick_member  hot.welli
22.09.06 13:14h NaBoKi new_member  In5an3
22.09.06 14:47h NaBoKi new_member  fisher
22.09.06 15:01h NaBoKi new_member  paL
27.09.06 16:57h NaBoKi new_member  Spike
05.10.06 22:29h NaBoKi new_member  neon
06.10.06 00:27h NaBoKi kick_member  In5an3
09.10.06 14:04h NaBoKi new_member  SwizzBeatz
19.10.06 23:30h NaBoKi new_member  m0nk
24.10.06 20:52h NaBoKi leave_member  uLAn
26.10.06 17:20h NaBoKi kick_member  Jones
09.11.06 19:40h NaBoKi kick_member  paL
13.11.06 04:09h NaBoKi new_member  siLva
13.11.06 21:51h NaBoKi new_child  NaBoKi 3on3
13.11.06 21:53h NaBoKi change_name  Naboki Main
13.11.06 21:54h Naboki Main change_name  Naboki
05.12.06 18:30h Naboki kick_member  SwizzBeatz
20.12.06 23:01h Naboki leave_member  nomis.nimyhr
25.01.07 22:15h Naboki leave_member  m0nk
19.12.07 17:15h Naboki new_member  Dirty@Death
23.12.07 19:17h Naboki new_member  spi0n
27.12.07 13:38h Naboki new_member  HYL1GHT
27.12.07 15:26h Naboki new_member  DraX
29.12.07 15:04h Naboki new_member  Mdidan
29.12.07 15:21h Naboki kick_member  pascha
07.01.08 13:07h Naboki new_member  FiKS
08.01.08 00:01h Naboki new_member  naddl
17.01.08 22:46h Naboki new_member  Ice-Colt
15.02.08 22:38h Naboki new_member  d4nieL
15.02.08 22:41h Naboki new_member  m0nk
15.02.08 23:40h Naboki kick_member  Mdidan
20.02.08 17:04h Naboki new_child  Naboki 2on2
20.02.08 17:05h Naboki new_child  Naboki 2on2
20.02.08 19:23h Naboki new_child  Naboki 2on2
21.02.08 21:16h Naboki new_child  Naboki 2on2
24.02.08 18:30h Naboki leave_member  Ice-Colt
25.02.08 16:41h Naboki new_child  Naboki 2on2
12.03.08 01:48h Naboki new_child  Naboki 2on2
25.03.08 22:05h Naboki new_child  Naboki 5on5
07.08.08 00:38h Naboki leave_member  F1k5
05.09.08 13:45h Naboki leave_member  d4nieL
24.11.08 19:55h Naboki new_member  M4ng0
24.11.08 23:03h Naboki new_member  Nick :P
12.01.09 16:58h Naboki new_member  F1k5
16.01.09 20:14h Naboki kick_member  M4ng0 / by 612120
16.01.09 20:14h Naboki kick_member  hylight / by 612120
20.01.09 19:50h Naboki new_member  STAR
20.01.09 19:56h Naboki new_member  tiox
21.01.09 17:37h Naboki new_member  miracE
21.01.09 20:01h Naboki new_member  nIaA
24.01.09 21:26h Naboki new_member  LeX
24.01.09 21:26h Naboki new_member  LaBo0oM
01.02.09 16:47h Naboki leave_member  LaBo0oM
18.02.09 22:28h Naboki leave_member  emostar
20.02.09 13:42h Naboki leave_member  miracE
20.02.09 17:20h Naboki leave_member  i L L u x3
20.02.09 19:37h Naboki leave_member  tiox
20.02.09 21:34h Naboki leave_member  LeX
23.02.09 10:36h Naboki child_kick  sLz nd protte
23.02.09 10:36h Naboki child_kick  mrks nd mrks
23.02.09 10:36h Naboki child_kick  mrks nd jones
23.02.09 10:36h Naboki child_kick  mrks nd ....
23.02.09 10:36h Naboki child_kick  crYsteLL
23.02.09 10:36h Naboki child_kick  Team.moD
23.02.09 10:36h Naboki child_kick  Team.moD
23.02.09 10:37h Naboki child_kick  Real Fighter the second
23.02.09 10:37h Naboki child_kick  mrks nd mrc
23.02.09 10:38h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 5on5
23.02.09 10:38h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 3on3
23.02.09 10:38h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 2on2
23.02.09 10:38h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 2on2
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 2on2
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 2on2
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 2on2
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 2on2
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki 2on2
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki
23.02.09 10:39h Naboki child_kick  Naboki
23.02.09 10:40h Naboki child_kick  NaBoKi.cs - 2
23.02.09 10:40h Naboki child_kick  NaBoKi.cs - 1
23.02.09 10:40h Naboki child_kick  NaBoKi Carom3D
23.02.09 10:40h Naboki child_kick  NaBoKi 5on5 Nr.2
11.03.09 10:46h Naboki kick_member  spi0n / by 612120
01.08.09 15:30h Naboki new_member  spi0n
02.09.09 21:45h Naboki new_member  Disaster
02.09.09 22:02h Naboki kick_member  spi0n / by 612120
10.10.09 18:54h Naboki leave_member  Dirty@Death
01.12.09 15:47h Naboki new_child  geht einfach nich rein.
01.12.09 19:43h Naboki new_child  em & naddl
08.12.09 11:47h Naboki child_leave  geht einfach nich rein.
20.12.09 05:44h Naboki new_member  unkn0wn
26.02.10 00:34h Naboki deleted_from_team  DraX
18.05.10 20:36h Naboki kick_member  unkn0wn / by 612120
18.07.10 19:48h Naboki new_member  rdy
25.07.10 18:35h Naboki child_leave  Naboki
25.07.10 18:54h Naboki new_child  Naboki
25.07.10 18:59h Naboki new_member  fanel
25.07.10 19:09h Naboki new_child  Naboki
25.07.10 19:13h Naboki new_member  duke
11.10.10 15:11h Naboki leave_member  fanel
07.12.10 13:19h Naboki leave_member  ekkkuD
28.08.13 00:26h Naboki deleted_from_team  mojo
26.11.13 00:26h Naboki deleted_from_team  dine
17.05.14 00:23h Naboki deleted_from_team  m0nk
30.05.14 00:24h Naboki deleted_from_team  Disaster
24.07.14 08:10h Naboki received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_10years"
17.08.14 00:24h Naboki deleted_from_team  BonS3n

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