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  They Kick Ass Homebase   id:  2266448

Name They Kick Ass Homebase
Shorthandle [T-K-A]
Registered since 24/01/07
Homepage http://www.t-k-a.com
IRC #t-k-a.com  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Austria / Leibnitz
They Kick Ass auf der ESL
They Kick Ass auf facebook
> Birdy
> DaniLi
> Reichsmarschall
> Dr.Hans Eichel

Leader der aktiven Teams

> European-Death--> Partysquad
> kipp1--> Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  1  Awards  
European  and  kipp1
Player (21)
Honorary member (29)
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IRC #t-k-a.com  (QuakeNet)
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