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Turtle Entertainment GmbH was founded in 2000 and is specialized in esport (electronic sport) and multiplayer gaming. Turtle Entertainment organizes and runs the Electronic Sports League. With this offer Turtle Entertainment creates and serves the esport market which is growing rapidly. With more than 650.000 registered players the Electronic Sports League (ESL) is by a wide margin the biggest online league for computer gamers in Europe. More than 5.000 matches per day speak for themselves.
120.000.000 Page Impressions per month
Date: June 2007
User structure and target group:
50%   between 12-17 Years
33%   between 18-21 Years
12%   between 22-27 Years
4%   between 28-35 Years
1%   36 Years and older
98%   Male
2%   Female
64%   Students
16%   Qualifications
11%   Employed
3%   National Service
Source: Survey University Essen, 2003
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