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Cryintherain  id: 5073429
CPU i7 3770 3,9 ghz
RAM 16 GB Ram
Videocard 2x GeForce GTX 590
Storage 1TB Western Digital WD10EALX+1TB Extern
Motherboard Asus M4N98TD EVO
Display Asus 27 Zoll
OS Windows 7
Antivirus Avast!
Mouse Logitech G9x
Mousepad Roccat Taito xxl / Razer Goliathus xxl
Keyboard Logitech G15
Headphones Fatality Gaming Headset MK2
Connection 16000 1&1
Console(s) PS3/Xbox 360/Wii
Handheld(s) PSP
Drink Red Bull<3
Food Gyros
Movie Underworld
Music Techno<3
Song Alles mit Techno :D
Book Anne-Rice : Pandora
Book author Anne-Rice
Person Myself<3
Car Audi A3
Map De_dust2
Game Hero Kingdomhearts-(Sora)
Favourite Websites
Website 1 http://www.server-forge.d..
Website 2 http://https://www.facebo..
Weil das Schicksal es so wollte <3 <3 <3
Wer nur seine Machtlosigkeit beklagt, kann nichts verändern
Hass und Zorn sind eine zweischneidige Klinge

EPS LoL Relegation EPS Aufstieg
LoL EPS Spring Season


Stofftiere Online e.V.

Head Team Managerin
Community Managerin
Social Media Managerin
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  • 4.822.790 Registered Users
  • 2.104.640 Active Users
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