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inff  id: 791914
created Platform action
03/05/04 21:01h Valentin  first_login 
03/05/04 21:03h Valentin  join_team  Kellerb0Y
04/07/04 16:15h Valentin  change_name  true
03/08/04 21:33h true  change_name  az0
07/08/04 01:07h az0  join_team  Sneaking Shadow Clan
07/08/04 01:08h az0  join_team  Sneaking Shadow Clan
24/08/04 17:18h az0  change_name  iNfiNiTy
19/09/04 00:09h iNfiNiTy  leave_team  Sneaking Shadow Clan
24/09/04 17:58h iNfiNiTy  join_team  ImpuLz
28/09/04 22:53h iNfiNiTy  join_team  Baden Wuerttemberg.Cs
28/09/04 22:58h iNfiNiTy  join_team  Spielerbank Baden-Wuerttemberg
14/10/04 18:03h iNfiNiTy  team_kick  ImpuLz
18/11/04 14:20h iNfiNiTy  leave_team  Sneaking Shadow Clan
18/11/04 14:23h iNfiNiTy  leave_team  Baden Wuerttemberg.Cs
18/11/04 14:23h iNfiNiTy  leave_team  Spielerbank Baden-Wuerttemberg
18/11/04 14:33h iNfiNiTy  join_team  illusion.gaming
16/12/04 15:37h iNfiNiTy  join_team  Xtreme-cS
17/12/04 14:49h iNfiNiTy  leave_team  Xtreme-cS
05/01/05 03:16h iNfiNiTy  join_team  optical.sportz
11/01/05 15:04h iNfiNiTy  team_kick  xGamers
08/02/05 14:26h iNfiNiTy  join_team  beSofEn feat. ueb and muelheim
08/02/05 14:26h iNfiNiTy  change_name  iNFF
08/02/05 15:08h iNFF  team_kick  beSofEn feat. ueb and muelheim
08/02/05 18:24h iNFF  team_kick  optical.sportz
11/02/05 21:34h iNFF  leave_team  Kellerb0Y
23/04/05 21:01h iNFF  join_team  Baden Wuerttemberg.Cs - Bodensee
01/05/05 00:13h iNFF  join_team  CheaterBlacklist
01/05/05 13:59h iNFF  join_team  Smirni und die wannabe Flamers
05/05/05 12:04h iNFF  register_team  sv_cheats 1
07/05/05 15:36h iNFF  join_team  Counter-Strike 1.6
08/05/05 14:49h iNFF  join_team  EFF-KULT Fans
17/05/05 14:33h iNFF  register_team  Der Schöne und die Biest
17/05/05 17:10h iNFF  wanna_join_league  Ger Cube 1on1 Ladder
17/05/05 21:58h iNFF  join_league  Ger Cube 1on1 Ladder
12/07/05 00:37h iNFF  join_team  Sons of Eclipse Talendfrei
14/07/05 17:50h iNFF  join_team  Wir finden Talendfrei cheatet
04/08/05 18:49h iNFF  team_kick  Wir finden Talendfrei cheatet
20/08/05 04:39h iNFF  join_team  bashed by
22/08/05 00:30h iNFF  leave_team  EFF-KULT
23/08/05 02:57h iNFF  join_team  caaL.friends
29/08/05 18:40h iNFF  team_kick  bashed by
31/08/05 02:37h iNFF  join_team  from teh block
04/09/05 15:30h iNFF  join_team  Wir sind Papst
12/09/05 21:51h iNFF  join_team  mymowl.de
12/09/05 21:51h iNFF  join_team  vent team
13/09/05 20:36h iNFF  team_kick  vent team
17/09/05 13:16h iNFF  join_team  ueb feat. friends
24/09/05 13:01h iNFF  leave_team  CheaterBlacklist
24/09/05 13:01h iNFF  leave_team  Counter-Strike 1.6
17/10/05 18:26h iNFF  join_team  vent.mixed MR 12
17/10/05 18:28h iNFF  leave_team  Wir sind Papst
22/10/05 18:22h iNFF  join_team  in memory of k1ng crow
13/11/05 18:34h iNFF  join_team  Team UEB
16/11/05 00:32h iNFF  team_kick  from teh block
19/11/05 12:37h iNFF  join_team  Label 7
19/11/05 12:48h iNFF  register_team  i-N-F-F und F-L-9
24/11/05 14:14h iNFF  team_kick  Team UEB
04/12/05 14:45h iNFF  team_kick  vent.mixed MR 12
17/12/05 00:52h iNFF  leave_team  in memory of k1ng crow
13/01/06 16:33h iNFF  team_kick  Sons of Eclipse - Talendfrei
16/01/06 22:24h iNFF  join_team  vent.Team since'05
29/01/06 21:23h iNFF  join_team  qubism CS
31/01/06 21:03h iNFF  leave_team  qubism CS
01/02/06 21:04h iNFF  join_team  mymowl.de
05/02/06 13:00h iNFF  change_name  inff
06/02/06 19:12h inff  leave_team  vent.mix 3on3
06/02/06 20:06h inff  join_team  Die Liebeskinder
19/02/06 17:32h inff  register_team  Aimhack und Wallbot
19/02/06 22:46h inff  wanna_join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Amateur Series
19/02/06 22:46h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Ladder
19/02/06 23:04h inff  leave_team  Label 7
20/02/06 01:24h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Amateur Series
01/03/06 18:46h inff  join_league  Ger ICQ Games Pool 1on1 Ladder
02/03/06 04:25h inff  join_team  RAUTE Unkreativ
06/03/06 23:00h inff  join_team  Roosvelt Gaming - EAS
10/03/06 18:48h inff  leave_team  caaL
10/03/06 18:49h inff  leave_team  Baden Wuerttemberg.Cs - Bodensee
13/03/06 22:58h inff  leave_league  Ger ICQ Games Pool 1on1 Ladder
13/03/06 22:58h inff  leave_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Ladder
15/03/06 22:07h inff  team_kick  Roosvelt Gaming - EAS
18/03/06 22:00h inff  leave_team  mymowl.de
20/03/06 23:00h inff  join_team  mymowl.de
25/03/06 15:29h inff  join_team  nejjjs und säääxxxy
30/03/06 17:55h inff  leave_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Amateur Series
04/04/06 16:29h inff  wanna_join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap Aimmap 1on1 Ladder
05/04/06 11:21h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap Aimmap 1on1 Ladder
05/04/06 21:21h inff  leave_team  wir ham kuchen im mund
06/04/06 20:32h inff  join_team  wir ham kuchen im mund
16/04/06 04:10h inff  leave_team  wir ham kuchen im mund
16/04/06 04:11h inff  join_team  Waldi's Rasselbande
20/04/06 01:06h inff  leave_team  nejjjs und säääxxxy
20/04/06 01:06h inff  join_team  privater gang bang r3
22/04/06 02:41h inff  join_team  ZWEI gehen mehr STEIL als EINER
22/04/06 04:47h inff  join_team  de_vertigo
22/04/06 04:56h inff  leave_team  privater gang bang r3
26/04/06 23:28h inff  wanna_join_league  International UT Instagib 1on1 Ladder
26/04/06 23:55h inff  join_league  International UT Instagib 1on1 Ladder
04/05/06 23:24h inff  join_team  SCHELLE
08/05/06 22:27h inff  leave_team  de_vertigo
13/05/06 17:42h inff  leave_league  International UT Instagib 1on1 Ladder
16/05/06 00:47h inff  leave_team  hn51
16/05/06 17:13h inff  join_team  javla BRAAAATZ
18/05/06 00:34h inff  join_team  Los Funos
18/05/06 01:29h inff  leave_team  javla BRAAAATZ
18/05/06 19:48h inff  join_team  javla BRAAAATZ
18/05/06 22:43h inff  join_team  z_e_R_s_t_o_e_R_e_r - CSS
20/05/06 21:43h inff  join_team  e2sports MR12
20/05/06 21:48h inff  leave_team  javla BRAAAATZ
21/05/06 19:43h inff  join_team  three sixty
25/05/06 16:44h inff  leave_team  Los Funos
27/05/06 14:36h inff  leave_team  three sixty
27/05/06 22:55h inff  join_team  five.arguments
27/05/06 22:55h inff  join_team  five.arguments
28/05/06 17:00h inff  leave_team  e2sports MR12
06/06/06 14:32h inff  team_kick  z_e_R_s_t_o_e_R_e_r
07/06/06 21:05h inff  join_team  popstars
11/06/06 23:56h inff  join_team  fuFighters
12/06/06 21:22h inff  leave_team  five.arguments
12/06/06 21:22h inff  leave_team  five.arguments
12/06/06 21:22h inff  leave_team  KÖNiGSTiGER
12/06/06 21:58h inff  join_team  KÖNiGSTiGER
14/06/06 19:43h inff  join_team  Super Special Police Hunter Force
14/06/06 19:43h inff  leave_team  elephant and friends
17/06/06 22:52h inff  join_team  Schlagsahne
17/06/06 23:42h inff  leave_team  Schlagsahne
18/06/06 20:33h inff  team_kick  Waldi's Rasselbande INAKTIV 15-1-1
19/06/06 11:44h inff  team_kick  fuFighters
22/06/06 19:45h inff  leave_team  SCHELLE
22/06/06 21:11h inff  join_team  rasselbande 3on3
23/06/06 23:59h inff  join_team  MMMBop feat inff
07/07/06 16:54h inff  join_team  SK177P7S
08/07/06 03:41h inff  team_kick  KÖNiGSTiGER
15/07/06 18:34h inff  join_team  myaciD.de friends acc
22/07/06 13:13h inff  team_kick  SK177P7S
22/07/06 14:12h inff  join_team  D0K70R3N EAS
29/07/06 13:09h inff  join_team  inff 'n' bruzzler87
03/08/06 17:20h inff  leave_team  FLEiSCHFRESSER
03/08/06 18:34h inff  team_kick  D0K70R3N MR12
03/08/06 19:33h inff  register_team  r3
04/08/06 18:22h inff  team_kick  D0K70R3N EAS
13/08/06 22:53h inff  join_team  Admirals
23/08/06 03:56h inff  join_team  Chartbreaker
29/08/06 22:20h inff  join_team  BEAM BEA BEAM
01/09/06 16:23h inff  register_team  White Walls
01/09/06 16:29h inff  leave_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap Aimmap 1on1 Ladder
18/09/06 20:11h inff  join_team  admirals
10/10/06 18:38h inff  leave_team  Chartbreaker
23/10/06 23:05h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Ladder
30/10/06 19:50h inff  team_kick  BAEM BAE BAEM
01/11/06 20:23h inff  join_team  RUSSIAN FEDERATION
14/11/06 22:18h inff  join_team  3stigkeit
14/11/06 22:18h inff  leave_team  HiRTEN - EAS
14/11/06 22:19h inff  leave_team  HiRTEN - MR12
14/11/06 22:29h inff  increase_trustlevel  1 -> 2
15/11/06 01:05h inff  team_kick  RUSSIAN FEDERATION
20/11/06 20:56h inff  leave_team  3stigkeit
22/11/06 17:59h inff  join_team  3stigkeit
30/11/06 22:35h inff  wanna_join_league  Ger Intern Office Mario Kart Ladder
12/12/06 23:56h inff  team_kick  mymowl and friends
11/01/07 23:19h inff  join_team  25pixel sind ein Kopf
21/01/07 15:09h inff  team_kick  25pixel sind ein Kopf
22/01/07 14:49h inff  register_team  ABSOLUT
28/01/07 00:24h inff  register_team  ABSOLUT
15/02/07 13:31h inff  register_team  PARTYTIME
20/02/07 17:38h inff  join_team  default
25/02/07 22:07h inff  join_team  Spiritz MR12
26/02/07 21:27h inff  join_team  one hit wonder
06/03/07 16:12h inff  register_team  Expansionskurs
10/03/07 17:58h inff  leave_team  dreistrad
10/03/07 17:58h inff  join_team  new world order
17/03/07 15:53h inff  change_name  inf
18/03/07 21:43h inf  change_name  inff
09/04/07 14:24h inff  wanna_join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Ladder
09/04/07 16:41h inff  leave_team  PARTYTIME
09/04/07 16:43h inff  register_team  FUNKYTOWN
10/04/07 04:53h inff  register_team  funky cops
10/04/07 12:02h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Ladder
10/04/07 13:12h inff  leave_team  Spiritz MR12
10/04/07 13:13h inff  leave_team  Casino.CS
10/04/07 13:13h inff  leave_team  RAUTE Unkreativ
10/04/07 18:42h inff  change_name  i.
14/04/07 20:07h i.  leave_team  iQuality
14/04/07 20:12h i.  join_team  Inside-Quality
24/04/07 21:19h i.  register_team  RUSSIAN FEDERATION
26/04/07 21:05h i.  leave_team  Inside-Quality
29/04/07 01:23h i.  register_team  doppelpunkt e
30/04/07 22:01h i.  register_team  je suis spiderman
12/05/07 00:13h i.  join_team  cup-gathern
20/05/07 23:49h i.  leave_team  RUSSIAN FEDERATION
25/05/07 18:15h i.  leave_team  cup-gathern
25/05/07 18:16h i.  leave_team  ueb feat. friends
25/05/07 18:16h i.  leave_team  inff 'n' bruzzler87
26/05/07 23:33h i.  join_team  Naruto
26/05/07 23:40h i.  leave_team  Akatsuki-Clan
26/05/07 23:48h i.  join_team  Akatsuki-Clan
29/05/07 18:39h i.  team_kick  Akatsuki-Clan
29/05/07 23:35h i.  join_team  BOM CHICKA WAH WAH
30/05/07 22:33h i.  join_team  panzerrush
01/06/07 21:21h i.  join_team  w000t - uyR Tournament cup
02/06/07 14:01h i.  leave_team  w000t - uyR Tournament cup
06/06/07 21:45h i.  join_team  size matters
14/06/07 17:44h i.  register_team  AUF ZUM ATEM
18/06/07 14:16h i.  team_kick  ABSOLUT
18/06/07 14:17h i.  team_kick  ABSOLUT
18/06/07 14:17h i.  team_kick  Admirals
20/06/07 23:45h i.  leave_team  panzerrush
21/06/07 19:41h i.  change_name  inff
22/06/07 00:25h inff  register_team  soundso
22/06/07 23:16h inff  join_team  Endgegner
25/06/07 14:28h inff  leave_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Ladder
04/07/07 00:41h inff  join_team  ANBU 5on5
04/07/07 00:42h inff  leave_team  Endgegner
04/07/07 18:32h inff  join_team  Klosterfrau Melissengeist
10/07/07 20:01h inff  register_team  4 8 15 16 23 42
11/07/07 19:06h inff  team_kick  ANBU 5on5
12/07/07 18:41h inff  register_team  4 8 15 16 23 42
21/07/07 13:45h inff  leave_team  AUF ZUM ATEM
21/07/07 13:45h inff  leave_team  size matters
21/07/07 13:46h inff  leave_team  Expansionskurs
21/07/07 13:47h inff  leave_team  funky cops
23/07/07 23:18h inff  register_team  PUNCHLINE
24/07/07 00:29h inff  leave_team  JESUS IS OUR HOMEBOY
25/07/07 20:21h inff  join_team  uyr-riffeln
25/07/07 22:03h inff  register_team  inff
26/07/07 21:07h inff  leave_team  Klosterfrau Melissengeist
26/07/07 22:28h inff  join_team  high life
29/07/07 20:27h inff  leave_team  high life
29/07/07 20:28h inff  register_team  The Powerpuff Girls
03/08/07 19:39h inff  first_login_consoles 
31/08/07 17:54h inff  leave_team  The Powerpuff Girls
31/08/07 17:55h inff  join_team  another breath
02/09/07 15:32h inff  join_team  ganz viele
02/09/07 18:28h inff  register_team  Harder Better Faster Stronger
03/09/07 01:31h inff  leave_team  another breath
03/09/07 01:31h inff  join_team  Mario Bros
03/09/07 18:50h inff  team_kick  ganz viele
06/09/07 02:45h inff  register_team  my name is earl
06/09/07 13:25h inff  leave_team  Mario Bros
06/09/07 20:26h inff  join_team  pretty little flower
06/09/07 20:49h inff  register_team  Zobacz ostatni post
09/09/07 21:34h inff  join_team  Stromhammer
09/09/07 23:37h inff  register_team  Dirty Pretty Things
10/09/07 17:05h inff  first_login_sm 
10/09/07 17:07h inff  first_login_wilkinsoncup 
10/09/07 17:08h inff  first_login_esportsaward 
13/09/07 18:53h inff  join_team  c00l3r n4m3
13/09/07 18:54h inff  leave_team  Harder Better Faster Stronger
20/09/07 17:42h inff  join_team  iNetpriaten mr12
24/09/07 18:54h inff  team_kick  onliner
02/10/07 15:31h inff  register_team  ELECTROPARTY
05/10/07 20:38h inff  join_team  Lucky Strike
10/10/07 16:11h inff  register_team  ONLINER
12/10/07 11:55h inff  first_login_sm 
14/10/07 20:14h inff  register_team  KartRiders
15/10/07 22:33h inff  leave_team  pretty little flower
15/10/07 22:34h inff  join_team  heidenparty
15/10/07 22:37h inff  join_team  pipi inne augen
17/10/07 20:27h inff  leave_team  Lucky Strike
17/10/07 20:31h inff  register_team  SONNENMENSCHEN
22/10/07 20:18h inff  join_team  iMBiSSWARRiORS
24/10/07 22:36h inff  join_team  gluecksbaerchis
27/10/07 20:28h inff  join_team  SONNENMENSCHEN re
30/10/07 17:14h inff  join_team  21st Century Fox
03/11/07 20:45h inff  leave_team  ELECTROPARTY
03/11/07 20:54h inff  join_team  Electroparty r3
06/11/07 22:52h inff  join_team  3C0C0BR4S
06/11/07 22:52h inff  join_team  3C0C0BR4S
07/11/07 23:37h inff  leave_team  heidenparty
07/11/07 23:38h inff  join_team  grad kb
08/11/07 18:21h inff  leave_team  ELECTROPARTY
08/11/07 18:22h inff  join_team  internationale gluecksbaerchis
09/11/07 13:52h inff  leave_team  iNetpiraten mr12
09/11/07 13:53h inff  leave_team  Zobacz ostatni post
09/11/07 13:53h inff  leave_team  KartRiders
09/11/07 13:56h inff  leave_team  Stromhammer
09/11/07 13:57h inff  leave_team  larifariheadshotmaschines
09/11/07 15:54h inff  leave_team  pipi inne augen
09/11/07 15:54h inff  join_team  Kart Rider
17/11/07 10:48h inff  first_login_esltv 
18/11/07 01:02h inff  join_team  Riders on the storm
22/11/07 11:11h inff  team_kick  SONNENMENSCHEN re
24/11/07 13:45h inff  join_team  GAME OVER FML QWNAGE LQL QLA QL
12/12/07 11:28h inff  increase_trustlevel  2 -> 3
13/12/07 23:30h inff  register_team  verpeiler sind geiler
15/12/07 17:25h inff  join_team  RuShKult.mainteam
18/12/07 15:26h inff  join_team  RuShEn ist Kult
20/12/07 22:19h inff  register_team  D.A.N.C.E.
21/12/07 19:16h inff  team_kick  GAME OVER FML QWNAGE
21/12/07 20:50h inff  leave_team  Riders on de storm
21/12/07 20:53h inff  register_team  WASTED GERMAN YOUTH
05/01/08 01:19h inff  join_team  fuer die Katz
05/01/08 17:49h inff  leave_team  RuShEn ist Kult
05/01/08 17:50h inff  join_team  st0rchkoeppe mr15
05/01/08 18:29h inff  leave_team  gluecksbaerchis
05/01/08 18:31h inff  join_team  we love to entertain u
10/01/08 15:14h inff  join_team  you.de
11/01/08 17:15h inff  join_team  smoke wtf
17/01/08 19:33h inff  join_team  RuShKult.com
19/01/08 18:08h inff  leave_team  we love to entertain u
19/01/08 18:51h inff  team_kick  fuer die Katz
20/01/08 14:35h inff  leave_team  opdsgdsf
20/01/08 14:38h inff  join_team  GAME OVER
26/01/08 13:00h inff  leave_team  you.de
26/01/08 13:00h inff  join_team  GAME OVER .DE
26/01/08 16:13h inff  leave_team  RuShKult.com
01/02/08 14:17h inff  leave_team  GAME OVER .DE
01/02/08 14:18h inff  join_team  triebtaeters 3on3
03/02/08 20:12h inff  join_team  Wicked Twister
03/02/08 22:06h inff  leave_team  GAME OVER .INT
05/02/08 21:11h inff  join_team  we are legends
06/02/08 16:51h inff  leave_team  triebtaeters 3on3
06/02/08 17:02h inff  join_team  Riders on de_storm
09/02/08 02:34h inff  decrease_trustlevel  3 -> 0
21/02/08 01:23h inff  join_team  orgi z'q'rnchen
23/02/08 04:02h inff  team_kick  teamname
23/02/08 04:02h inff  team_kick  RuShKult.cs
04/03/08 16:00h inff  increase_trustlevel  0 -> 3
04/03/08 16:08h inff  join_team  RuShKult.cs
04/03/08 16:08h inff  join_team  teamname
04/03/08 16:09h inff  join_team  ur heftig
04/03/08 16:54h inff  join_team  Arbeitsamt.fml
04/03/08 18:58h inff  join_team  drop-dead
04/03/08 21:30h inff  join_team  Final Justice
06/03/08 14:20h inff  register_team  Digital
07/03/08 19:51h inff  register_team  Konichiwa Bitches
13/03/08 21:36h inff  first_login_jufo 
13/03/08 21:50h inff  join_team  ALTernative
15/03/08 20:16h inff  join_team  ur depad
15/03/08 20:18h inff  leave_team  Arbeitsamt.fml
20/03/08 19:04h inff  leave_team  teamname
20/03/08 19:05h inff  join_team  just another yNet team
21/03/08 05:00h inff  change_name  inff <3 Sniperwolf
27/03/08 20:59h inff <3 Sniperwolf  change_name  inff
28/03/08 00:47h inff  register_team  ALIENesports
28/03/08 00:53h inff  join_team  ALIENesports
28/03/08 00:59h inff  leave_team  RuShKult.mainteam
28/03/08 13:48h inff  leave_team  ALTernative
28/03/08 13:48h inff  leave_team  ALTernative
28/03/08 19:40h inff  join_team  CATWALK
28/03/08 19:40h inff  join_team  CATWALK
29/03/08 00:10h inff  register_team  3 TAGE WACH
29/03/08 00:10h inff  register_team  3 TAGE WACH
29/03/08 02:18h inff  leave_team  sag game over
29/03/08 02:18h inff  leave_team  sag game over
31/03/08 13:35h inff  leave_team  Final Justice
04/04/08 01:10h inff  leave_team  CATWALK
06/04/08 22:40h inff  register_team  hurensohns
12/04/08 01:01h inff  join_team  NoWAYouT
13/04/08 14:26h inff  leave_team  ur depad
13/04/08 14:28h inff  register_team  various artists
16/04/08 17:15h inff  join_team  sumos sind geil
20/04/08 23:29h inff  join_team  css und so
21/04/08 16:37h inff  leave_team  RuShKult.CS EAS
21/04/08 18:04h inff  join_team  prematchparty
23/04/08 22:01h inff  register_team  various artists
23/04/08 22:02h inff  leave_team  soundso
23/04/08 22:12h inff  leave_team  smoke wtf
25/04/08 16:09h inff  join_team  the internet is for porn
25/04/08 17:13h inff  leave_team  the internet is for porn
25/04/08 17:13h inff  join_team  riffeln 3n3
30/04/08 00:28h inff  leave_team  date with the night
30/04/08 01:39h inff  leave_team  riffeln 3n3
01/05/08 20:54h inff  join_team  the internet is for porn
02/05/08 22:01h inff  join_team  NoWAYouT
03/05/08 17:40h inff  register_team  Team Zissou
06/05/08 16:27h inff  register_team  Futurecops
07/05/08 17:50h inff  join_team  J'I'I'N'Z'Z
08/05/08 14:56h inff  leave_team  Wicked Twister
08/05/08 14:57h inff  leave_team  we are legends
08/05/08 14:58h inff  leave_team  unnamed.hombase
08/05/08 14:58h inff  leave_team  team.eas
08/05/08 14:58h inff  leave_team  Konichiwa Bitches
08/05/08 14:59h inff  leave_team  PUNCHLINE
08/05/08 15:00h inff  leave_team  st0rchkoeppe mr15
15/05/08 00:20h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Quickie Ladder
18/05/08 23:04h inff  join_team  soniC bOOm
20/05/08 16:05h inff  join_team  The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
20/05/08 20:02h inff  join_team  NoWAYouT Home Base
20/05/08 20:16h inff  join_team  hurensohns
20/05/08 20:21h inff  register_team  n3rds
30/05/08 02:57h inff  register_team  hs
01/06/08 14:46h inff  leave_team  hurensohns
05/06/08 16:56h inff  join_team  i am error
05/06/08 16:57h inff  leave_team  type a secret
08/06/08 02:01h inff  register_team  Geek Chic
10/06/08 18:15h inff  leave_team  i am error
10/06/08 18:15h inff  join_team  g1rlsclub
11/06/08 23:56h inff  leave_team  leaven
12/06/08 22:00h inff  register_team  team
12/06/08 22:02h inff  leave_team  team
13/06/08 15:46h inff  leave_team  g1rlsclub
13/06/08 15:46h inff  join_team  i am error
17/06/08 14:42h inff  join_team  PUTZ4RBE1T3R
18/06/08 16:02h inff  leave_team  i am error
19/06/08 11:58h inff  join_team  oldsql 5n5
19/06/08 14:31h inff  join_team  i am error
29/06/08 16:35h inff  leave_team  soniC bOOm
30/06/08 14:50h inff  leave_team  hs
30/06/08 14:54h inff  leave_team  orgi z'q'rnchen
03/07/08 21:57h inff  leave_team  PUTZ4RBE1T3R
03/07/08 21:59h inff  join_team  ASDF
09/07/08 13:20h inff  first_login_sports 
10/07/08 00:25h inff  join_team  endgegner 3n3 de
10/07/08 02:17h inff  join_team  endgegner 3n3 int
12/07/08 03:12h inff  join_team  gib schonmal auf
12/07/08 23:12h inff  join_team  the southerne
12/07/08 23:22h inff  join_team  life is too short
13/07/08 15:12h inff  join_team  ninff
15/07/08 01:11h inff  register_team  mthrfckrs
15/07/08 04:43h inff  leave_team  the internet is for porn
15/07/08 04:44h inff  leave_team  i am error
15/07/08 04:50h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Quickie Ladder
15/07/08 18:05h inff  join_team  LD99
17/07/08 14:17h inff  join_team  EAS 08
18/07/08 02:16h inff  first_login_america 
22/07/08 17:22h inff  join_team  Guess who's Back
23/07/08 23:03h inff  join_team  installing the catheter
24/07/08 02:11h inff  join_team  inff ya
25/07/08 02:26h inff  join_team  kansas city shuffle
25/07/08 14:18h inff  leave_team  Guess who's back
26/07/08 13:23h inff  leave_team  BOM CHICKA WAH WAH
26/07/08 13:23h inff  leave_team  3on3plus.fml 12-1-4 1077
26/07/08 13:24h inff  leave_team  The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
26/07/08 13:25h inff  leave_team  Dirty Pretty Things
26/07/08 13:25h inff  leave_team  D.A.N.C.E.
26/07/08 13:26h inff  leave_team  various artists
26/07/08 13:28h inff  leave_team  admirals
28/07/08 19:41h inff  join_team  inffernal xentruction
31/07/08 19:40h inff  first_login_eslworld 
04/08/08 23:51h inff  leave_team  blood duster
04/08/08 23:51h inff  join_team  crank
05/08/08 15:27h inff  team_kick  inff ya
15/08/08 20:01h inff  leave_team  life is too short
15/08/08 20:01h inff  join_team  punishment
16/08/08 20:43h inff  join_team  knx
17/08/08 18:12h inff  join_team  CPL
18/08/08 19:13h inff  leave_team  knx
18/08/08 19:14h inff  join_team  Team Lan
18/08/08 21:41h inff  leave_team  Team Lan
18/08/08 21:41h inff  join_team  knx
20/08/08 00:36h inff  join_team  is doch egal
20/08/08 00:39h inff  leave_team  kansas city shuffle
20/08/08 18:47h inff  leave_team  bitchezzzz mit x
20/08/08 22:45h inff  team_kick  Hart aber gerecht
21/08/08 20:32h inff  join_team  kansas city shuffle
21/08/08 21:01h inff  join_team  punishment
21/08/08 21:19h inff  join_team  TECHNOBASE
22/08/08 14:03h inff  join_team  why so serious
24/08/08 15:32h inff  join_team  kein plan alta
25/08/08 17:39h inff  register_team  ZOOM ZOOM BITCH
25/08/08 23:48h inff  register_team  BANGERS
26/08/08 23:52h inff  join_team  Killermopedz
27/08/08 17:29h inff  join_team  epic inff
27/08/08 23:49h inff  leave_team  why so serious
27/08/08 23:57h inff  register_team  bad company
29/08/08 23:19h inff  wanna_join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
29/08/08 23:19h inff  trusted_direct_join  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
29/08/08 23:19h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
03/09/08 20:48h inff  leave_team  BANGERS
03/09/08 20:48h inff  join_team  elbental mixed
04/09/08 21:01h inff  join_team  colourless despondency
04/09/08 21:07h inff  leave_team  Killermopedz
06/09/08 17:17h inff  join_team  noCore.cz
07/09/08 14:28h inff  team_kick  kein plan alta
07/09/08 17:16h inff  register_team  TIEFSCHWARZ
10/09/08 20:52h inff  join_team  querspieler
11/09/08 23:40h inff  leave_team  punishment
12/09/08 21:47h inff  join_team  kranke Horde
14/09/08 09:56h inff  team_kick  querspieler
15/09/08 21:09h inff  join_team  Anti Sniper
15/09/08 21:10h inff  leave_team  kranke Horde
16/09/08 20:53h inff  join_team  ich kriech schon wieder aids
16/09/08 20:54h inff  leave_team  Anti Sniper
17/09/08 00:10h inff  leave_team  colourless despondency
17/09/08 00:10h inff  join_team  ARROGANZ
17/09/08 16:06h inff  join_team  Guess who's back
17/09/08 16:22h inff  leave_team  purple pills LOL
17/09/08 16:22h inff  leave_team  ARROGANZ
17/09/08 16:22h inff  leave_team  Guess who's back
17/09/08 16:22h inff  leave_team  21st Century Fox
17/09/08 16:23h inff  leave_team  23
17/09/08 16:23h inff  leave_team  Admirals
17/09/08 16:23h inff  leave_team  ESL 5on5
17/09/08 16:24h inff  leave_team  NoWAYouT.cz
17/09/08 16:24h inff  leave_team  TIEFSCHWARZ
17/09/08 16:26h inff  leave_team  endgegner 3n3 de
17/09/08 16:26h inff  leave_team  leng tch'e
17/09/08 16:26h inff  leave_team  knx'
17/09/08 16:26h inff  leave_team  ninff
17/09/08 16:26h inff  leave_team  punishment
17/09/08 16:27h inff  leave_team  myaciD.de friends acc
17/09/08 16:27h inff  leave_team  noCore.cz
17/09/08 16:28h inff  leave_team  3on3.de 49-1-20 top15
17/09/08 16:28h inff  leave_team  3on3.int 12-0-0 top10
17/09/08 16:28h inff  leave_team  3on3.int 29-1-9 top15
17/09/08 16:29h inff  leave_team  3on3.int 50-4-11 top10
17/09/08 16:29h inff  leave_team  5on5.de 10-0-1 top50
17/09/08 16:29h inff  leave_team  5on5.int 68-6-25 top10
20/09/08 18:15h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike 1on1 Quickie Ladder
20/09/08 19:09h inff  join_team  si vis pacem
21/09/08 12:48h inff  leave_team  si vis pacem
21/09/08 20:28h inff  register_team  TIEFSCHWARZ
21/09/08 21:36h inff  join_team  total annihilation
21/09/08 22:14h inff  leave_team  TIEFSCHWARZ
21/09/08 22:14h inff  join_team  machste team
22/09/08 21:58h inff  join_team  Akte X
24/09/08 22:14h inff  join_team  we love to entertain u
25/09/08 19:50h inff  join_team  Te Giallo
26/09/08 13:57h inff  leave_team  Akte X
26/09/08 13:57h inff  join_team  Guess who's back
26/09/08 14:58h inff  team_kick  Guess who's back
26/09/08 15:27h inff  join_team  Guess who's back
26/09/08 19:14h inff  team_kick  Guess who's back
26/09/08 20:10h inff  join_team  blody memories
26/09/08 22:17h inff  join_team  next stop waterloo
26/09/08 23:10h inff  leave_team  bloody memories
26/09/08 23:10h inff  join_team  Riders on the Storm
30/09/08 21:32h inff  join_team  stimmeee
30/09/08 22:02h inff  team_kick  stimmeee
01/10/08 16:16h inff  team_kick  next stop waterloo
03/10/08 20:44h inff  join_team  inffkarimN
03/10/08 22:48h inff  join_team  stevve
03/10/08 23:20h inff  leave_team  Riders on the Storm
03/10/08 23:21h inff  join_team  stevve2
04/10/08 00:41h inff  change_name  musicfreakz.org
04/10/08 01:04h musicfreakz.org  change_name  inff
04/10/08 01:15h inff  join_team  Riders on the Storm
04/10/08 14:37h inff  register_team  LA RIOTS
05/10/08 12:14h inff  team_kick  Te Giallo
05/10/08 14:22h inff  leave_team  Riders on the Storm
05/10/08 14:22h inff  join_team  hmmm OPTIMAL
05/10/08 21:08h inff  join_team  spackengather deluxe
06/10/08 20:45h inff  join_team  husooo
06/10/08 23:58h inff  leave_team  hauch wird sturm
07/10/08 00:01h inff  join_team  Thunderdome Glatzen
07/10/08 14:37h inff  leave_team  glatzen_13_r3
07/10/08 14:37h inff  join_team  hauch wird sturm
07/10/08 22:22h inff  join_team  carry on my wayward son
08/10/08 17:15h inff  leave_team  last knight
08/10/08 17:15h inff  leave_team  last knight
10/10/08 22:35h inff  leave_team  spackengather deluxe
11/10/08 01:05h inff  join_team  RUNNING SCARED e.V.
11/10/08 01:08h inff  join_team  RUNNING SCARED de
11/10/08 01:09h inff  join_team  RUNNING SCARED int
11/10/08 19:30h inff  team_kick  RUNNING SCARED 5on5 INT MR15
11/10/08 19:46h inff  join_team  RUNNING SCARED 5on5 INT MR15
12/10/08 00:45h inff  wanna_join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
12/10/08 00:45h inff  trusted_direct_join  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
12/10/08 00:45h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
12/10/08 00:57h inff  leave_team  RUNNING SCARED 5on5 INT MR15
12/10/08 00:57h inff  join_team  die-BESTEN
12/10/08 16:15h inff  leave_team  RUNNING SCARED 5on5 DE MR12
12/10/08 16:15h inff  leave_team  RUNNING SCARED 5on5 DE MR15
12/10/08 16:24h inff  join_team  von schirach
18/10/08 14:39h inff  register_team  MSTRKRFT
24/10/08 22:28h inff  join_team  coldgame
24/10/08 22:54h inff  leave_team  die-BESTEN
24/10/08 22:54h inff  join_team  krawattenratten
25/10/08 15:25h inff  register_team  armpit buffet
04/11/08 21:10h inff  join_team  flying swords
12/11/08 12:29h inff  join_team  hexenwjnd
13/11/08 21:01h inff  leave_team  MSTRKRFT
13/11/08 21:01h inff  join_team  colourful
13/11/08 21:13h inff  leave_team  we got 99 problems u fag aint one
15/11/08 20:41h inff  join_team  tr3ffn1x.at.mp3
15/11/08 23:13h inff  join_team  Arbeit nervt
16/11/08 03:03h inff  join_team  die-BESTEN
16/11/08 15:14h inff  leave_team  top fünfzig
18/11/08 22:27h inff  team_kick  any given sunday
18/11/08 22:27h inff  team_kick  any given sunday
26/11/08 23:02h inff  join_team  emaGdloc
28/11/08 22:15h inff  join_team  unbindall
28/11/08 22:52h inff  leave_team  emaGdloc 15
28/11/08 23:42h inff  leave_team  unbindall
29/11/08 22:53h inff  join_team  emaGdloc 15
29/11/08 22:59h inff  join_team  supernatural
01/12/08 13:04h inff  team_kick  supernatural / by 865616
05/12/08 21:21h inff  register_team  BLACK BLOCK
06/12/08 15:43h inff  team_kick  bLACK bLOCK / by 865616
07/12/08 17:33h inff  join_team  vaueN
07/12/08 17:38h inff  leave_team  die-BESTEN
10/12/08 15:53h inff  leave_team  trentemoeller
10/12/08 15:54h inff  join_team  Boelkstoff 2.0
14/12/08 17:33h inff  join_team  W1N73RG47H3R
14/12/08 18:44h inff  leave_team  riders on de_storm
14/12/08 18:44h inff  join_team  any given sunday
15/12/08 00:52h inff  join_team  Team Nordisch e.V.
15/12/08 01:08h inff  join_team  Team Nordisch e.V. Squad Red
19/12/08 21:57h inff  wanna_join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
19/12/08 21:57h inff  trusted_direct_join  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
19/12/08 21:57h inff  join_league  Ger Counter-Strike Funmap 1on1 Aimmap Ladder
23/12/08 18:09h inff  join_team  fuck me like the whore i am
28/12/08 02:22h inff  team_kick  fuck me like the whore i am / by 865616
03/01/09 14:04h inff  join_team  inffsoN prost
05/01/09 16:02h inff  join_team  Liquor 'n' Love
05/01/09 16:02h inff  leave_team  h4x.fi
05/01/09 20:42h inff  join_team  Straight Edge
09/01/09 00:18h inff  join_team  Guess who's back
11/01/09 17:23h inff  team_kick  Team Nordisch e.V. Squad Trial / by 1975110
11/01/09 17:25h inff  team_kick  Team Nordisch e.V. / by 1975110
11/01/09 23:55h inff  leave_team  Boelkstoff 2.0
11/01/09 23:55h inff  join_team  war from a harlots mouth
14/01/09 21:29h inff  register_team  boys don't cry
15/01/09 20:17h inff  team_kick  Guess who's back / by 1234791
16/01/09 16:51h inff  join_team  poolside at the flamingo
17/01/09 20:05h inff  join_team  GOGOGO
18/01/09 16:13h inff  leave_team  venetian snares
21/01/09 20:28h inff  change_name  pizzaboi_11
25/01/09 17:40h pizzaboi_11  join_team  whitechapel
28/01/09 19:26h pizzaboi_11  join_team  rhino's
01/02/09 14:35h pizzaboi_11  join_team  Boelkstoff prost
02/02/09 17:41h pizzaboi_11  change_name  inff
06/02/09 13:37h inff  register_team  best friends
06/02/09 15:00h inff  join_team  logout
07/02/09 15:01h inff  join_team  sukiyaki western djangos
08/02/09 18:58h inff  leave_team  izo
09/02/09 17:54h inff  join_team  21 2 3
09/02/09 18:12h inff  join_team  h4x.fi
13/02/09 14:08h inff  join_team  Babyshambles
13/02/09 15:34h inff  join_team  punchline on technobeat
14/02/09 16:10h inff  team_kick  myKelmouz.FSHost DE / by 421506
14/02/09 16:11h inff  register_team  aimb0bs
14/02/09 20:05h inff  register_team  ace
17/02/09 15:49h inff  join_team  quickeNN pls
18/02/09 12:41h inff  join_team  Semesterferien und so
19/02/09 01:35h inff  join_team  PROFESSOREN
19/02/09 20:46h inff  leave_team  PROFESSOREN
19/02/09 20:46h inff  join_team  mibr
19/02/09 23:52h inff  join_team  infiiii
20/02/09 15:19h inff  leave_team  infiiii
22/02/09 15:15h inff  leave_team  Boelkstoff prost
22/02/09 15:15h inff  join_team  teamnamenwunsch
26/02/09 13:45h inff  register_team  aimb0bs
26/02/09 14:17h inff  join_team  Innerpartysystem
27/02/09 15:36h inff  join_team  hOUSEMEISTER
27/02/09 18:13h inff  leave_team  myKelmouz.FSHost EAS
27/02/09 18:42h inff  leave_team  mibr
27/02/09 18:43h inff  join_team  PROFESSOREN
27/02/09 23:58h inff  leave_team  Semesterferien und so
28/02/09 00:00h inff  join_team  INSPEKTOREN r3
28/02/09 13:31h inff  team_kick  PROFESSOREN / by 510435
01/03/09 00:30h inff  join_team  kaputte menschen - COCAINE
01/03/09 12:29h inff  leave_team  we came with broken teeth
01/03/09 12:29h inff  leave_team  hvis lyset tar oss
01/03/09 12:30h inff  leave_team  h4x.fi
01/03/09 12:33h inff  join_team  krov u nashykh krynytsyakh
01/03/09 12:33h inff  leave_team  qwertzui
01/03/09 13:07h inff  team_kick  krov u nashykh krynytsyakh / by 421506
01/03/09 13:34h inff  join_team  krov u nashykh krynytsyakh
01/03/09 13:36h inff  leave_team  teamnamenwunsch
01/03/09 18:17h inff  team_kick  krov u nashykh krynytsyakh / by 421506
02/03/09 16:16h inff  leave_team  Innerpartysystem
02/03/09 16:16h inff  join_team  bananabois
02/03/09 20:02h inff  leave_team  bananabois
03/03/09 23:10h inff  leave_team  ace
05/03/09 17:53h inff  join_team  PROFESSOREN
07/03/09 18:28h inff  leave_team  INSPEKTOREN r3
07/03/09 18:28h inff  join_team  MARIO PARTYYY
08/03/09 00:04h inff  join_team  Santa Maffy
08/03/09 02:02h inff  join_team  bananabois
13/03/09 19:46h inff  leave_team  kaputte menschen - COCAINE
15/03/09 00:05h inff  leave_team  Santa Maffy
16/03/09 19:41h inff  leave_team  MARIO PARTYYY
16/03/09 19:43h inff  join_team  back to basics
17/03/09 15:59h inff  join_team  oath bound
17/03/09 17:24h inff  team_kick  hOUSEMEISTER / by 971974
18/03/09 11:41h inff  team_kick  oath bound / by 421506
22/03/09 14:01h inff  leave_team  aimb0bs
22/03/09 15:08h inff  register_team  down in albion
22/03/09 16:39h inff  join_team  radio fireworks
22/03/09 17:16h inff  leave_team  back to basics
23/03/09 17:54h inff  leave_team  radio fireworks
23/03/09 17:57h inff  leave_team  ALL POWER TO THE BLACK PEOPLE
23/03/09 17:57h inff  join_team  Rawwwrr
26/03/09 17:05h inff  wanna_join_league  Europe Counter-Strike 1on1 AIM Ladder
26/03/09 17:05h inff  trusted_direct_join  Europe Counter-Strike 1on1 AIM Ladder
26/03/09 17:05h inff  join_league  Europe Counter-Strike 1on1 AIM Ladder
26/03/09 17:09h inff  leave_team  Rawwwrr
26/03/09 17:16h inff  join_team  ebenD
26/03/09 17:16h inff  join_team  the glow of love
26/03/09 18:16h inff  join_team  Rawwwrr
27/03/09 18:17h inff  leave_team  Rawwwrr
27/03/09 18:17h inff  join_team  Traueräffchen
28/03/09 01:29h inff  join_team  CSS ELITE DER ZUKUNFT
28/03/09 15:16h inff  leave_team  Traueräffchen
28/03/09 15:16h inff  join_team  Rawwwrr
28/03/09 20:48h inff  leave_team  Rabenschwarze Nacht
28/03/09 20:48h inff  join_team  Traueräffchen
28/03/09 20:51h inff  leave_team  PROFESSOREN
28/03/09 20:51h inff  join_team  BOTPARTY
28/03/09 22:58h inff  leave_team  Traueräffchen
28/03/09 22:58h inff  join_team  krille prollt auf B
29/03/09 17:31h inff  leave_team  krille prollt auf B
29/03/09 17:32h inff  join_team  Rabenschwarze Nacht
29/03/09 23:34h inff  register_team  The Bloody Beetroots
30/03/09 02:37h inff  register_team  favourite worst nightmare
30/03/09 11:57h inff  join_team  Kings of the Damned
30/03/09 14:58h inff  leave_team  Rabenschwarze Nacht
30/03/09 14:58h inff  join_team  Traueräffchen
30/03/09 19:28h inff  leave_team  Traueräffchen
30/03/09 19:29h inff  join_team  Rabenschwarze Nacht
31/03/09 01:47h inff  leave_team  Kings of the Damned
31/03/09 01:48h inff  join_team  phantom
31/03/09 03:27h inff  join_team  secret crush EAS
31/03/09 12:59h inff  leave_team  phantom
31/03/09 12:59h inff  join_team  Kings of the Damned
31/03/09 19:07h inff  leave_team  Kings of the Damned
31/03/09 19:07h inff  join_team  phantom
31/03/09 20:23h inff  join_team  inter
02/04/09 14:18h inff  leave_team  BOTPARTY
02/04/09 14:20h inff  join_team  h4x.no reb0rn
02/04/09 17:32h inff  join_team  FREE ztv
02/04/09 22:02h inff  change_name  h4ns
03/04/09 00:16h h4ns  leave_team  the glow of love
03/04/09 13:30h h4ns  leave_team  phantom
03/04/09 13:30h h4ns  join_team  Kings of the Damned
05/04/09 18:35h h4ns  team_kick  h4x.no / by 3924764
08/04/09 17:17h h4ns  join_team  Testarossa Autodrive
08/04/09 17:29h h4ns  team_kick  SZENEN-bekannte Spieler / by 761467
12/04/09 22:41h h4ns  join_team  ABSTRAKTTT
12/04/09 22:47h h4ns  join_team  nex0r-gaming
13/04/09 13:34h h4ns  join_team  der h4ns der kanns
13/04/09 16:42h h4ns  leave_team  ABSTRAKTTT
13/04/09 16:42h h4ns  join_team  fruityfruity
13/04/09 20:38h h4ns  team_kick  mit gottes segen / by 1228901
15/04/09 21:22h h4ns  join_team  world famous
16/04/09 14:42h h4ns  join_team  contaminated
16/04/09 14:47h h4ns  leave_team  BASTI FANTASTI GAMING
16/04/09 14:47h h4ns  join_team  hold your colour
16/04/09 15:52h h4ns  join_team  5on5.int 68-6-25 top10
16/04/09 16:01h h4ns  join_team  the day everything
17/04/09 15:15h h4ns  team_kick  blank MR15 / by 3924764
18/04/09 21:29h h4ns  join_team  LOL SIND WIR GEIL
18/04/09 22:44h h4ns  join_team  FREE CRYPT
19/04/09 01:47h h4ns  leave_team  FREE ztv
19/04/09 12:13h h4ns  join_team  zipzapzup
20/04/09 17:17h h4ns  join_team  KR4SS
20/04/09 21:21h h4ns  leave_team  FREE CRYPT
20/04/09 21:22h h4ns  change_name  inff
22/04/09 15:12h inff  leave_team  der h4ns der kanns
22/04/09 15:13h inff  register_team  get wasted
27/04/09 22:03h inff  leave_team  world famous
03/05/09 21:09h inff  join_team  world famous
05/05/09 19:52h inff  leave_team  world famous
05/05/09 20:11h inff  join_team  AllaN's fanclub
07/05/09 16:08h inff  join_team  humppasirkus
07/05/09 16:10h inff  join_team  vihaan humppa
09/05/09 11:54h inff  join_team  payback
10/05/09 10:40h inff  team_kick  vihaan humppa / by 421506
11/05/09 22:00h inff  join_team  ACE IT
12/05/09 09:22h inff  team_kick  humppasirkus / by 421506
12/05/09 15:06h inff  join_team  Rock N RollaZ
12/05/09 15:08h inff  leave_team  ACE IT
12/05/09 17:35h inff  leave_team  the day everything
13/05/09 12:29h inff  join_team  pest
15/05/09 20:09h inff  join_team  golden
19/05/09 11:31h inff  team_kick  pest / by 421506
20/05/09 17:26h inff  join_team  k1lL3R sQuAd d3Lt4 pWn9rZ
24/05/09 14:16h inff  join_team  REUDIGE RUEDIGERZ
06/06/09 23:33h inff  join_team  tuRs.friends
07/06/09 13:13h inff  register_team  YACK FOU
08/06/09 15:38h inff  join_team  air
09/06/09 15:51h inff  register_team  WE LIKE TURTLES
10/06/09 00:59h inff  join_team  we prefer cocaine
10/06/09 13:50h inff  leave_team  wyrd
11/06/09 23:36h inff  join_team  sohn
15/06/09 14:02h inff  join_team  NYC Ballet Workout
15/06/09 14:36h inff  join_team  H
15/06/09 15:01h inff  join_team  crisis core
17/06/09 19:01h inff  team_kick  k1ll4cl4n / by 1648094
18/06/09 22:55h inff  team_kick  UNITED GAMING / by 1903074
26/06/09 15:37h inff  team_kick  NYC Ballet Workout / by 421506
29/06/09 14:02h inff  join_team  QmegaBetaZeta
29/06/09 22:45h inff  join_team  1.FC Kaiserslautern
30/06/09 01:04h inff  leave_team  1.FC Kaiserslautern
30/06/09 14:03h inff  join_team  her_strip
06/07/09 08:51h inff  team_kick  H / by 421506
06/07/09 13:15h inff  join_team  FRAGB9X
07/07/09 15:24h inff  team_kick  BUNDESLiGA CZ / by 2020591
09/07/09 20:36h inff  team_kick  KR4SS / by 102047
10/07/09 20:49h inff  register_team  DSQUARED
13/07/09 15:40h inff  join_team  gl
17/07/09 19:07h inff  join_team  ZIEL
18/07/09 14:10h inff  team_kick  ZIEL / by 1314100
19/07/09 19:11h inff  leave_team  her_strip
20/07/09 21:53h inff  register_team  H1N1
26/07/09 20:58h inff  join_team  Ich glaub es hackt
28/07/09 22:16h inff  join_team  unhittable.reg
30/07/09 17:32h inff  leave_team  Ich glaub es hackt
01/08/09 03:09h inff  team_kick  QmegaBetaZeta / by 421506
01/08/09 20:45h inff  leave_team  gl
01/08/09 21:12h inff  join_team  Die wilden Kerle
03/08/09 21:17h inff  join_team  a3d
04/08/09 00:43h inff  leave_team  Die wilden Kerle
04/08/09 19:42h inff  join_team  hehe jo
05/08/09 17:14h inff  leave_team  a3d
09/08/09 22:15h inff  join_team  just play
11/08/09 22:09h inff  register_team  Sympathieträger
17/08/09 19:12h inff  join_team  NEVERPLAY.cup
18/08/09 17:20h inff  leave_team  NEVERPLAY.cup
18/08/09 17:43h inff  join_team  cup u. cupper
18/08/09 20:13h inff  team_kick  nWo. Gaming Base / by 958516
22/08/09 17:38h inff  join_team  VOLLE ZERSTÖRUNG
22/08/09 23:29h inff  join_team  geht rein
22/08/09 23:45h inff  join_team  The hills have eyes
23/08/09 16:01h inff  leave_team  The hills have eyes
23/08/09 21:28h inff  register_team  tuRs
12/09/09 22:40h inff  team_kick  hehe jo / by 1131195
16/09/09 10:29h inff  team_kick  tuRs.GNN / by 1389924
28/09/09 15:59h inff  team_kick  hexenwjnd / by 3924764
28/09/09 23:03h inff  team_kick  VOLLE ZERSTÖRUNG / by 1131195
04/10/09 20:49h inff  join_team  whaaa
04/10/09 20:55h inff  team_kick  whaaa / by 1995488
04/10/09 20:56h inff  join_team  whaaaaaaa
06/10/09 16:25h inff  join_team  Skolpojkarna
06/10/09 19:46h inff  leave_team  whaaaaaaa
09/10/09 00:45h inff  join_team  svartekunst
27/10/09 23:38h inff  team_kick  Skolpojkarna / by 3924764
02/01/10 12:55h inff  join_team  frankicious l0l
02/01/10 14:11h inff  join_team  delicious
02/01/10 19:44h inff  leave_team  delicious
02/01/10 19:44h inff  leave_team  frankicious l0l
06/01/10 15:05h inff  join_team  tastes like kevin bacon
08/01/10 14:29h inff  join_team  nemesis divina
20/01/10 16:11h inff  join_team  Confidential Colleagues
20/01/10 18:34h inff  team_kick  iwrestledabearonce / by 421506
24/01/10 16:13h inff  join_team  messy machinery
24/01/10 16:15h inff  join_team  delicious
24/01/10 21:01h inff  leave_team  nemesis divina
27/01/10 15:01h inff  join_team  when the heart guides the hand
29/01/10 15:07h inff  register_team  Young Lions
29/01/10 21:15h inff  join_team  B O R N - T O - U P C R A N K
31/01/10 20:23h inff  team_kick  when the heart guides the hand / by 421506
01/02/10 13:48h inff  team_kick  delicious / by 421506
12/02/10 16:05h inff  join_team  Skolpojkarna
12/02/10 18:20h inff  join_team  tcp jogginghose
12/02/10 19:40h inff  join_team  fml
13/02/10 16:23h inff  join_team  cLear Superiority
16/02/10 00:41h inff  change_name  V4lly McB34L
20/02/10 13:33h V4lly McB34L  register_team  Death Crew 77
20/02/10 17:48h V4lly McB34L  join_team  kaZaNtIp fiNest
26/02/10 00:38h V4lly McB34L  register_team  cats
28/02/10 02:58h V4lly McB34L  decrease_trustlevel  3 -> 0
01/03/10 14:04h V4lly McB34L  increase_trustlevel  0 -> 3
08/03/10 17:45h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  cats
11/03/10 16:41h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  Boondock Saints
14/03/10 18:54h V4lly McB34L  join_team  summerfeeling
19/03/10 20:21h V4lly McB34L  join_team  Hirsche Jagen cup
21/03/10 14:59h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  summerfeeling
21/03/10 15:00h V4lly McB34L  join_team  THIS
21/03/10 16:39h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  just play
21/03/10 16:40h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  The Lost Art of Murder
21/03/10 16:40h V4lly McB34L  join_team  JELZIN
21/03/10 18:54h V4lly McB34L  register_team  An Overdose Of Awesomeness
02/04/10 12:18h V4lly McB34L  team_kick  An Overdose Of Awesomeness / by 2421182
07/04/10 10:06h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  THIS
07/04/10 10:33h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  ZANDBAK
07/04/10 10:34h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  tuRs
07/04/10 10:35h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  LOL SIND WIR GEIL
07/04/10 10:35h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  kaZaNtIp fiNest
07/04/10 10:35h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  Hirsche Jagen cup
07/04/10 10:36h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  hardcore entertainment
07/04/10 10:37h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  DSQUARED
14/04/10 16:01h V4lly McB34L  join_team  The Dust Factory
30/05/10 10:50h V4lly McB34L  leave_team  cLear Superiority
02/06/10 13:26h V4lly McB34L  join_team  Trick 17
17/06/10 14:27h V4lly McB34L  join_team  HUMILIATION
17/06/10 14:34h V4lly McB34L  change_name  B4dstUb3r
17/06/10 14:56h B4dstUb3r  change_name  Holger Badstuber
21/06/10 16:58h Holger Badstuber  leave_team  The Dust Factory VII
27/06/10 12:49h Holger Badstuber  join_team  ASYLUM
04/07/10 19:36h Holger Badstuber  register_team  Halbstark
08/07/10 13:22h Holger Badstuber  join_team  inffcredible
06/08/10 12:28h Holger Badstuber  team_kick  ASYLUM / by 1507119
23/08/10 22:09h Holger Badstuber  team_kick  icanhascheezburger / by 1053318
30/11/10 16:56h Holger Badstuber  change_name  inff
30/11/10 16:56h inff  join_team  hallo
04/12/10 18:49h inff  join_team  die DÜBELS
07/12/10 12:47h inff  team_kick  hallo / by 1093672
18/12/10 17:25h inff  join_team  COCAINE COWBOYS
20/12/10 16:05h inff  join_team  Sie war 5 Wir waren 5
20/12/10 18:02h inff  join_team  BAM JUNGE
20/12/10 18:14h inff  team_kick  Sie war 5 Wir waren 5 / by 304027
27/12/10 22:15h inff  join_team  dangerous
28/12/10 16:39h inff  join_team  Smokin Aces
31/12/10 16:30h inff  team_kick  BAM JUNGE / by 3750001
02/01/11 20:19h inff  register_team  kotbatzen
06/01/11 14:11h inff  join_team  unreal
11/01/11 18:28h inff  join_team  WikiGeeks
13/01/11 15:45h inff  team_kick  die DÜBELS / by 3617158
13/01/11 15:45h inff  team_kick  COCAINE COWBOYS / by 3617158
23/01/11 12:46h inff  join_team  aimb0bs
23/01/11 15:01h inff  join_team  ich hab halt keine map
30/01/11 17:05h inff  team_kick  Smokin Aces / by 1520180
06/02/11 16:52h inff  join_team  wegc0ckeN
10/02/11 15:00h inff  join_team  sekoya
10/02/11 16:26h inff  leave_team  WikiGeeks
16/02/11 15:43h inff  join_team  sekoya
01/03/11 11:38h inff  join_team  this that pineapple
02/03/11 13:47h inff  leave_team  wegc0ckeN
09/03/11 18:54h inff  team_kick  this that pineapple / by 421506
11/03/11 18:11h inff  join_team  Relax Bro We Got This
05/05/11 20:44h inff  team_kick  sekoya / by 3750001
22/11/11 01:15h inff  team_kick  tcp jogginghose / by 1777356
22/01/12 14:34h inff  join_team  findet man noch was?
22/01/12 16:31h inff  team_kick  findet man noch was? / by 421506
22/01/12 16:56h inff  join_team  h e a d s h o t
24/01/12 13:48h inff  team_kick  h e a d s h o t / by 3750001
15/02/12 16:12h inff  join_team  t3h b4cH3l0R cl9B
16/02/12 00:29h inff  join_team  vahreN
22/02/12 21:32h inff  join_league  Europe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1on1 Beta Key Raffle
26/02/12 01:39h inff  decrease_trustlevel  3 -> 0
23/06/12 14:05h inff  join_team  awesome
20/08/12 19:59h inff  team_kick  t3h b4cH3l0R cl9B / by 332010
25/09/12 18:04h inff  team_kick  awesome / by 1777356
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