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  • No advertisement
  • Active support of league
  • Access to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)
  • Support the ESL Pro Series
  • Get Awards and manage these
  • Double vote at map choice in VERSUS
  • Support of the Anti-Cheat development
  • No waiting time at Gather
  • Start Gather with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
Only 3.00 EUR per month

ESL Premium is not refundable. It will not be transferred to third parties or other accounts. A ban will not pause the premium period and is no reason for a refund. This also apply if the user deletes his accounts or is deleted for violating the rules. If a payment will be rescind, the incurring bank fees will be due for payment.
* A subscription is a recurring payment, which extends if not cancelled. The payment will be due to the period you choose (e.g. 360PD, you pay 35,99€ every year). A subscription can be cancelled if logged in on this page: Premium Account Summary.
For help, questions and feedback you can create a Support Ticket or write a mail to premium {at} eslgaming.com.
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