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ESL brings gamers together to communicate, experience and discover their shared hobby of video games! Offering daily news, competitions, and leagues. All with community functions, detailed profiles, friend lists, guestbooks and photo galleries.

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Two mouse clicks and VERSUS searches for teammates, new friends and enemies.

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Go Pro

The Go4 Series are special cups to win prize money: one cup each week earns you cash, prizes, and points to qualify for the monthly finals.

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ESL A-Series is our league system for players and teams looking for organised matches and focuses on players ready to prove themselves.

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Pro Leagues

Gamings Elite, The Superstars from all corners of the globe compete! The biggest cash prizes! all LIVE, all around the world.

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The EMS One is Europes ultimate league for electronic sports. These are the best teams and players from all over Europe.

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ESL Pro Series represents the national league for pro gamers. Only the best qualify and fight for the national championship and glory

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Love Consoles? we do too, the Consoles Sports League is Europes biggest platform for eSport on video game systems.

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ESL TV is the viewing destination for all gamers, broadcasting eSports for a community of millions worldwide. Legendary formats covering all the national and international action in eSports.

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