in memory of m8 DoD 3on3   id:  840913

Name in memory of m8 DoD 3on3
Shorthandle m8
Registered since 18/06/04
Homepage http://www.m8-clan.org
IRC #m8.clan  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of mighty eight
Headquarters  Germany / Mainz
  1  Awards  
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IRC #m8.clan  (QuakeNet)
ICQ 22199400 (ambi)
Gameserver gs1.makemi.de:27020
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~ 3on3 DoD team of Mighty 8 ~

This team is part of the "Mighty Eight", a German fun clan. We love to play online and spend a lot of time preparing for matches and working on tactics. Fair Play is our first goal. Therefore we will always respect our opponents. We expect the same from you.

Please don't forget to do the mandatory STEAMID screenshot.

We have our own server and HLTV – ready to play. If one team might have a disadvantage because of a bad connection in an international match, we prefer to play half of the match on our server and the other half on your server.

You can always ask for a match in the evenings. The best way to contact us is via IRC. We idle in the following QuakeNet Channels: #m8.clan and #dod2on2

We are looking forward to challenging and fair games.
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