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created Platform action
06/08/06 17:24h ich.com  join_team  vt.kiNetiC.5on5
19/08/06 20:26h ich.com  team_kick  vT.kiNetiC.5on5
20/08/06 15:17h ich.com  join_team  vT.kiNetiC.cs
30/08/06 16:14h ich.com  first_login_default 
30/08/06 20:50h ich.com  join_team  delicious
30/08/06 20:51h ich.com  change_name  eth1X
04/09/06 20:21h eth1X  increase_trustlevel  0 -> 1
29/09/06 22:48h eth1X  leave_team  deliCioUs eXeCuteR
29/09/06 22:49h eth1X  leave_team  delicious
04/10/06 20:12h eth1X  join_team  Famous 5
17/10/06 19:16h eth1X  leave_team  Famous 5
22/10/06 19:16h eth1X  change_name  Faktor-Widerstand
28/10/06 18:46h Faktor-Widerstand  join_team  Honour Us Heroes
03/11/06 14:46h Faktor-Widerstand  leave_team  Honour Us Heroes
29/11/06 17:19h Faktor-Widerstand  change_name  skillhead
29/11/06 23:37h skillhead  register_team  d3licious
04/12/06 22:27h skillhead  register_team  d3licious2on2
04/12/06 22:32h skillhead  register_team  d3licious3on3
04/12/06 22:35h skillhead  register_team  d3licious eXeCutoR
04/12/06 22:36h skillhead  register_team  d3licious deStruCteR
04/12/06 23:27h skillhead  increase_trustlevel  1 -> 2
14/12/06 22:33h skillhead  register_team  d3licious 2on2 r3laX
14/12/06 22:36h skillhead  team_kick  d3licious 2on2 r3laX
05/03/07 13:15h skillhead  leave_team  d3licious
05/03/07 13:17h skillhead  leave_team  d3licious eXeCutoR
05/03/07 13:17h skillhead  leave_team  d3licious3on3
01/05/07 12:52h skillhead  change_name  eth1X
01/05/07 12:56h eth1X  join_team  The Havana Club
01/05/07 13:04h eth1X  register_team  Rektalrandale Gatherteam
09/05/07 14:13h eth1X  join_team  Kellerkind e.V
10/05/07 08:22h eth1X  join_team  kOkS neeD babYs________________
10/05/07 19:26h eth1X  leave_team  kokSyyy neeD babYs aNd frIeNDs
27/05/07 02:45h eth1X  change_name  Punkt
29/06/07 12:04h Punkt  register_team  Spielerbank Roedental
11/07/07 07:05h Punkt  change_name  aCidBurN
17/07/07 11:25h aCidBurN  leave_team  Kellerkind e.V
17/07/07 11:26h aCidBurN  leave_team  Rektalrandale Gatherteam
17/07/07 11:26h aCidBurN  leave_team  The Havana Club
17/07/07 15:30h aCidBurN  join_team  Kellerkind e.V
19/07/07 14:39h aCidBurN  register_team  Kellerkind e.V 5on5
19/07/07 14:41h aCidBurN  register_team  Kellerkind e.V 3on3
19/07/07 14:42h aCidBurN  register_team  Kellerkind e.V 2on2
30/07/07 19:07h aCidBurN  join_team  The Havana Club
15/08/07 11:40h aCidBurN  join_team  Rektalrandale Gatherteam
08/10/07 23:09h aCidBurN  join_league  International KartRider Item Opening Cup
10/10/07 12:46h aCidBurN  leave_team  Kellerkind e.V
10/10/07 12:47h aCidBurN  leave_team  Kellerkind e.V 2on2
10/10/07 12:49h aCidBurN  leave_team  Kellerkind e.V 5on5
10/10/07 12:56h aCidBurN  leave_team  Rektalrandale Gatherteam
10/10/07 12:56h aCidBurN  leave_team  The Havana Club
15/10/07 12:03h aCidBurN  change_name  me<3
21/11/07 14:15h me<3  join_team  Master's of WeeD
07/12/07 06:56h me<3  change_name  daydreaming
14/12/07 11:34h daydreaming  join_team  Weil ich alle Finger hab
11/02/08 21:35h daydreaming  change_name  Faktor-Widerstand
28/02/08 19:11h Faktor-Widerstand  leave_team  Dreist4Life
28/02/08 19:11h Faktor-Widerstand  leave_team  Weil ich alle Finger hab
12/03/08 23:31h Faktor-Widerstand  join_team  Engelchen
13/03/08 13:47h Faktor-Widerstand  register_team  Stiftung Warentest Testurteil SEHR GUT
13/03/08 14:19h Faktor-Widerstand  join_team  GIB AIDS KEINE CHANCE
19/03/08 12:33h Faktor-Widerstand  leave_team  Engelchen
19/03/08 12:33h Faktor-Widerstand  leave_team  GIB AIDS KEINE CHANCE
19/03/08 23:48h Faktor-Widerstand  join_team  Wer ficken will
31/03/08 14:45h Faktor-Widerstand  join_team  Odin statt Jesus
07/04/08 17:33h Faktor-Widerstand  join_team  Wer nicht kotzt säuft nicht am Limit
26/07/08 19:47h Faktor-Widerstand  change_name  marQue
28/07/08 19:50h marQue  register_team  b und auch b
28/07/08 19:55h marQue  register_team  nUndaGschLagN
29/07/08 02:31h marQue  join_team  Gatherfreunde 29.07.08
20/08/08 19:44h marQue  change_name  punkt
28/08/08 21:43h punkt  join_team  RaGna Roek
29/08/08 10:59h punkt  join_team  Gegen Cheater im eSports v.3
02/09/08 06:50h punkt  decrease_trustlevel  2 -> 0
06/09/08 11:48h punkt  increase_trustlevel  0 -> 2
22/09/08 20:40h punkt  register_team  RaGna Roek Odins Erben
22/09/08 20:40h punkt  register_team  RaGna Roek Odins Erben
03/10/08 10:55h punkt  change_name  Stoerfrequenz
11/11/08 14:00h Stoerfrequenz  leave_team  RaGna Roek
11/11/08 14:02h Stoerfrequenz  leave_team  RaGna Roek Odins Erben
28/12/08 16:32h Stoerfrequenz  register_team  Sex mit der ex
30/12/08 21:17h Stoerfrequenz  register_team  Partyhasen
31/12/08 01:09h Stoerfrequenz  register_team  samenamed
02/01/09 21:29h Stoerfrequenz  leave_team  Sex mit der ex
02/01/09 21:30h Stoerfrequenz  leave_team  Partyhasen
03/01/09 18:57h Stoerfrequenz  join_team  Sex mit der ex
17/01/09 15:32h Stoerfrequenz  join_team  Partyhasen
26/01/09 16:17h Stoerfrequenz  change_name  tRusteD feaR
27/01/09 12:38h tRusteD feaR  leave_team  Sex mit der ex
27/01/09 12:39h tRusteD feaR  leave_team  Partyhasen
28/01/09 11:56h tRusteD feaR  join_team  Partyhasen
29/01/09 20:39h tRusteD feaR  leave_team  Partyhasen
31/01/09 13:44h tRusteD feaR  change_name  confused
31/01/09 13:55h confused  change_name  rehabilitiert
02/02/09 14:22h rehabilitiert  leave_team  Gatherfreunde 29.07.08
02/02/09 14:22h rehabilitiert  leave_team  Gegen Cheater im eSports v.3
02/02/09 14:22h rehabilitiert  leave_team  Odin statt Jesus
02/02/09 14:23h rehabilitiert  leave_team  Wer ficken will
02/02/09 14:23h rehabilitiert  leave_team  Wer nicht kotzt säuft nicht am Limit
02/02/09 14:24h rehabilitiert  leave_team  Stiftung Warentest Testurteil SEHR GUT
21/02/09 20:13h rehabilitiert  join_team  BIERSKILL
21/02/09 20:13h rehabilitiert  leave_team  BIERSKILL
21/02/09 20:15h rehabilitiert  join_team  2Girls1Cup
27/02/09 17:03h rehabilitiert  join_team  Old Boy don t Cry
22/03/09 14:01h rehabilitiert  leave_team  5Girls1Cup
19/04/09 13:47h rehabilitiert  first_login_sports 
03/05/09 18:09h rehabilitiert  change_name  h4tec0re
02/11/09 19:50h h4tec0re  change_name  ich.com
07/01/10 14:22h ich.com  team_kick  Old Boy don t Cry / by 342127
03/09/10 01:36h   decrease_trustlevel  2 -> 0
18/10/11 17:04h ich.com  change_name  Intelligenzallergie
24/10/11 17:22h Intelligenzallergie  join_team  Stiftung Warentest Testurteil SEHR GUT
28/10/11 21:25h Intelligenzallergie  register_team  Counterstrikeflavour
31/10/11 17:53h Intelligenzallergie  change_name  Ein Tag im April
06/11/11 18:09h Ein Tag im April  increase_trustlevel  0 -> 2
07/10/12 20:21h Ein Tag im April  change_name  aint no punchline
26/10/14 02:27h aint no punchline  decrease_trustlevel  2 -> 0
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