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31/12/13 21:20
Rok 2013 sa chýli ku koncu a my tu na ESL CZ/SK Vám chceme povedať “Ďakujeme!” všetkým, ktorí náš web počas celého roka sledovali a prajeme do ďalšieho roku veľa úspechov nielen v hraní ale aj v profesionálnom živote
ESL Amateur Series'
The Round ESL System
The "Round ESL" system collects all the advantages of well-known league systems and adds them into one. It is a mixture of the classical ladder (known as a "Round Robin"), the "Swiss Round" system, the ladder and some new extentions!

"Round ESL":
Fixed playdays and matchings
Clearly defined groups
Mini Seasons
An unrestricted number of particpants
Easy entry and leaving at any time
Activity can be selected by the teams
Points of excitment
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