Counter-Strike: Source 2206252

Mode: 1vs1 AWP
Map: awp_garden

Region: ESL Europe
Created: Sat, 6/9/12 3:15 PM

Team Blue  
Deleted Account



Rank Points Wins
6155 157 10 (42%)
Points for win +20
Daily Bonus +15
Team Red slightly favoured



Rank Points Wins
1407 518 31 (49%)
Loss -10

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Name Teamname Voting Time
Deleted Account Team Blue Team Blue won Sat, 6/9/12 3:24 PM
Steak Team Red Team Blue won Sat, 6/9/12 3:26 PM
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All details about Linesman be found on the Linesman portal. If you have any questions or problem with Linesman in your match, you can contact the support. If you want to report a misdoing please following these instructions.
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