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What is ESL Aequitas and how does it work?

ESL Aequitas is an Anti-Cheat tool which tries to create a fair environment for competition that is similar playing on a local network. With special monitoring methods, we also have additional possibilities to ensure fair play in our Leagues.
Start Aequitas, select the match link and start the game!

Aequitas as an Anti-Cheat tool
The ESL Aequitas client was primarily programmed to ensure fair play. A special feature is the cheat-detection that can detect various cheats in a number of ways.

Aequitas as the Configpolice
So that all players play under the same conditions, Aequitas was developed so that all configs of a player are saved in a file. With the Filechecker you can check the file to make sure that it was not manipulated after the match.

Aequitas against Ringers and Fakers
The way Aequitas works allows us also to make thorough checks when a player is suspected of creating multiple accounts.

Achievements of ESL Aequitas
In it's ongoing operation ESL Aequitas has regularly caught cheaters. In special cases, a news is posted with more specific information.

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