ROCCAT Winter Challenge Cup # 2 : Results
Not many players signed up for the last cup, maybe it was the time, but you did miss out, it was a fun cup, but again Expertz was the winner. Is there no one better than him? or is he just getting lucky, if you think so, then prove it and sign up for the next cup! and be in with a chance of winning the ROCCAT Winter Challenge prize! and award! and also getting into the Warrock Hall Of Fame
1on1 ESL Rules Cup # 2 : The Result

Saturday, 07/01/12 16:20
Status: closed

 Chaoseadra (#2)[2:10] marc (#1)

Punt Sistem

0 - 8 teams/players:
1st: 4 points
2nd: 3 points
3rd: 2 points
4th: 1 point

9 - 16 teams/players:
1st: 5 points
2nd: 4 points
3rd: 3 points
4th: 2 points
5th - 8th: 1 point

The top 8 goes to the Final Cup!

Points for now :

1st: 8 points = marc
2nd: 4 points = Chaoseadra
3rd: 3 points = Snakos
4th: 2 point = Scepheo
5th: 1 point = KronoS
they have the most chance to get in to the Final Cup

1on1 Final Cup = 26/02/12 : 15:00 // Sunday The winner of the cup wins the prizes!

More info About the concept? Read more>Here<

The podium

1on1 Hand Gun Cup ROCCAT Winter Challenge Cup # 2

Prizes for the Winner on the end of the 11 cups!

The prizes!

Allthough Warrock is only a bonus game, it will off course go with it's very own prize to win. Next to the exclusive Winter Cup award which can be won in any of the games, the following prize will be available for the best Warrock player of the Benelux:



War Rock

   1st 1 x ROCCAT Kone[+]

+ Special Winter Award

Hall of Fame

WarRock Hall of Fame

Admins Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins:Starrplaya And Cixanta

You can contact us by Support Ticket.

Best Regards, your Staff Benelux

Revolt, Sunday, 08/01/12 21:01
comments (2)
Succes met de komende cups, pak nu maar je punten wanneer IK weer kan mee spelen zijn ze voor mij.
lol heb jij geen tijd voor wr?
Je hebt toch geen sexerij?
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