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All Yop,

Following a presedent position I put it to a teamspeak offrire of 100 slots for now;). I makes it available for players and play against enssemble knowledge. I would go see occasionally on the TS to see if everything goes well. Users peuves go over as he veul Daytime Nighttime no worries or used the same every day this poses no problem.

If you want information:
Xfire: xshepperx
Steam: xshepperx
E-mail: support@tekone.fr

And here is the ip has made available the TeamSpeak:

I would celons chanels of countries that are above and chanels games.

In hope that it will be used;)



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Bad google translate bro ;p

I don't know if you're aware of this but there already is a ts3 server for versus which is heavy populated each day..
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