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Last weeks, the second VERSUS season ended. We take a look back on the last four months of summer to give you some interesting facts and figures about VERSUS' Summer Season.

VERSUS Summer Season

The starting signal for the second of three VERSUS Seasons this year (Spring, Summer and Winter) was on the 3rd May 2012, with the season finishing on 4th September at midnight.

Starting with the most active games at the time, several others joined the season as it went on. Some were temporary, for example for the two VERSUS goes crazy events, while others were added permanently. Read this news to get a quick overview what happend in May, June, July and August. We are continuing to improve VERSUS, aiming to create the ultimate matchmaking system and are continue to happily await your feedback, suggestions and criticism in the future.

VERSUS Summer Season

VERSUS Games and Gamemodi

Since 3rd May 80 Games have been offered to you in VERSUS. On Consoles 29 games, 61 on ESL.

Additionally, we added more game modes to different games. In total we had 164 different game modes, an average of slighty more than two per game.

Playing Users

Playing Users is the number of players that finished at least one match in the running season. There were exactly 157,403 different players from 185 countries. Many players played more than one game, but are of course only counted as one in this statistic.
Players that searched for a VERSUS match but did not find one or those who did not have a real finished match are also not counted.

The current number of playing users can also be seen in the VERSUS ranking above and below the table.

Number of matches

An incredible 753,897 Matches have been played since 3rd May. Most of them were finished by the normal entering of results. 15,297 times our VERSUS Admins had to close matches through the Veto system, in which 10,692 Vetos were accepted and 4,605 Vetos were rejected. In total this means that more than 98% of all matches were closed without any major problems.
We want to give a huge thanks to all of our volunteer Admins working every day to make your gaming experience as fun and fair as possible.

Average match duration

Besides the number of matches, the duration is also interesting statistic for assessing the activity of VERSUS. In average a VERSUS match lasts around 35 minutes. This number varies from game to game, summarized in the following table.

Average match duration

VERSUS Top Gamers

Players with the most matches

Here are the top 10 players with the most matches over all games since beginning of the summer season.

1. MC HAMMER - 10,415 Matches (2 within a party)
2. uNco - 8,245 Matches (0 within a party)
3. morTal - 7,191 Matches (75 within a party)
4. sNNk - 5,357 Matches (12 within a party)
5. Escape the Fate - 5,029 Matches (0 within a party)
6. ENZO - 4,684 Matches (0 within a party)
7. MILO - 2,265 Matches (33 within a party)
8. nBTT - 2,103 Matches (250 within a party)
9. xaxadsasxz - 2,082 Matches (4 within a party)
10. reqdafuNk - 2,027 Matches (132 within a party)

The Top 10 participated in 49,398 Matches: more than 6.5% of all VERSUS matches.

Players with most VERSUS points

Here is the top 10 players with most VERSUS points over all games since beginning of the season.

1. MC HAMMER - 52,056 VS. Points (10.176 by Premium Bonus)
2. uNco - 39,703 VS. Points (7.099 by Premium Bonus)
3. morTal - 39,351 VS. Points (7.181 by Premium Bonus)
4. Escape the Fate - 26,790 VS. Points (4.738 by Premium Bonus)
5. sNNk - 25,969 VS. Points (4.868 by Premium Bonus)
6. ENZO - 24,131 VS. Points (4.318 by Premium Bonus)
7. RhinoGerman - 16,405 VS. Points (2.708 by Premium Bonus)
8. MILO - 13,842 VS. Points (2.246 by Premium Bonus)
9. o W n E d - 12,822 VS. Points (2.137 by Premium Bonus)
10. nBTT - 12.352 VS. Points (2.452 by Premium Bonus)

Players with most victories

Here are the top 10 players with the most victories over all games since beginning of the season.

1. MC HAMMER - 5,379 Victories (1 within a party)
2. uNco - 3,865 Victories (0 within a party)
3. morTal - 3,715 Victories (41 within a party)
4. sNNk - 2,612 Victories (1 within a party)
5. Escape the Fate - 2,353 Victories (0 within a party)
6. ENZO - 2,231 Victories (0 within a party)
7. ZaXaR1996 - 1,227 Victories (0 within a party)
8. MILO - 1,082 Victories (15 within a party)
9. hAVOc - 1,080 Victories (258 within a party)
10. TIGER_12 - 1066 Victories (17 within a party)

More facts and figures

New players on ESL and Consoles

VERSUS not only attracted players that were already active on the ESL or Consoles since a long time, but many new players came to join us. The new registrations during the summer season went up to 41,032 VERSUS players. Not included are players that with deleted accounts, e.g. fakeaccounts of cheaters.

Fakematches and Bans

Unfortunately VERSUS is not only drawing attention of honest players, and so we also have some negative numbers to share. Within the four months of Summer Season we had to delete 2,252 matches for faking or other breaches of the rules. We had to give 139 players a True Skill Reset and 8,865 players received a Stats Reset. Compared to the total number of matches and players, that's pretty low!


As the season ends, we also have some awards. Who finally gets one of these awards, will be announced in an upcoming news.

We want to thank you agaub for your participation in the Summer Season and wish you lots of fun in VERSUS in the Winter Season!

Your VERSUS Admin Team
FuRaX, Friday, 14/09/12 20:48
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