VERSUS Changelog Week 21
Another week, another changelog. This week we have one change and the road to another one in our two biggest games. CS brought in 2vs2 AWP and in CS:S you can now start voting for your favorite changes to the 5vs5 mappool. Also some other games got changed or expanded. See all changes of the week now. Have a look and give us your feedback!

General changes and updates VERSUS

Another 1118 players have been banned from VERSUS during the last week
e.g. 129 fakers and 180 because of cheating
495 bans by ESL Wire by our automated features
If a cheater played in your match, you will get a privat message

More optimizations on matchmaking

Now players waiting to long will be given a match much earlier

Win ESL Royal T-Shirts in CS and MW3

CS: Most Point Competition
MW3: Most Point Competition

Counter-Strike: Source

Have your say and vote for the new 5vs5 mappool


2vs2 AWP has been added to VERSUS

Call of Duty 2

1vs1 S&D is now available

Tetris Friends

DACH cloud got removed due to activity

Call of Juarez

Switched from 3vs3 to 4vs4

Your ESL Admin Team
FuRaX, Saturday, 26/05/12 16:07
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