VERSUS Awards - Part II
Recently, our first VERSUS awards have been announced, which pleased almost all of you. We are looking forward to your opinion on the upcoming awards. Today, we are going to present three more awards for outstanding performances within the season.

Most Valuable Player

VS. MVP is the most valuable player of a VERSUS season. Unlike in American Sports, we will hand out the awards not only in team but also in 1on1 games. Our VS. MVP will be determined by the best Win/Loss ratio of users with at least 100 played matches. The number of matches played will also be crucial, if there are two or more players tied with the same ratio.

This is the award:

* Best Win/Loss Ratio

Most Matches Champion

Well known from our regular Most Matches Competitions, we will also award the VERSUS players with the most matches in a game each season. You still need at least 100 matches. The number of VS. points will be taken into consideration, if there are two or more players tied with the same amount of matches played.

This is the award:

* Most Matches

Fair Play

Last but not least, our Fair Play Award. An achievement for the most sportsmanlike player of a game. It will be difficult to determine the right one, since we can't watch every single match. Nevertheless, we want to award players, who treat their opponents with respect. Therefore, we are counting on you. Please continue to use the report feature, vetoes or even the support. In the end, we will determine a player, who is worthy of the Fair Play Award.

* Fair Play Award

To have a shot on this award, you still need to play at least 100 matches. Your activity within VERSUS in relation to received reports, wrong entered scores and lost vetoes will be the decisive factor. We will double check all contemplable players, if they acted like a true sportsman e.g. in the VS. chat. With this in mind, good luck and have fun.

We hope you are happy with these additional awards.

VERSUS goes crazy on April 22nd

One week before the Spring Season ends it is once again time for "VERSUS goes crazy". As usual we are looking forward to entertain you with a lot of exciting and fun activities in VERSUS on Sunday, April 22nd. More information is available in this news.

Your ESL VS. Admin Team
FuRaX, Wednesday, 25/04/12 20:04
VERSUS Awards Part I
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