After Work Cup #2
The first After Work Cup was good visited, we think we can do more in the next times and we will start next week with the second After Work Cup and bring the players back to play TMNF in benelux. In this news we will award ceremony the winner of the first Cup and we will give you the new informations about the next cup.

Award ceremony After Work Cup #1
In the Finale of the first AWC won Tamarillo in front of jmrTWP. The third place won neoKGaming.

What do you need to play in this Cup

Eligibility requirements
For the After Work Cups you must execute all terms:
  • Registered Gameaccount: Register - Login example - Guide
  • First residence in:

  • Cupdetails for the After Work Cups #2
    For the next week we had intended a Cup .

    Here are now all informations for the After Work Cup #2:

    Modus: Timeattack
    Limit: 7min 30sek [7:30]
    Participant: 16 Players in Single Elimination
    Map: "Leave it behind" | download
    Server: behind agreement
    Cupstart: Tuesday, den 15.05.2012 19:30 CET

    Info & Details | Rules

    Join now
    (The Registration phase is open until Tuesday, 15.05.2012 19:30 CET.)

    Rounds or Timeattack?

    Which mode will the community play Rounds or Timeattack? Write your opinion into the comments under this news.

    ESL Admin Team
    Force, Tuesday, 08/05/12 20:47
    After Work Cup #2
    comments (2)
    I'm in! :D

    Also got a server prepared! tmtp://#addfavourite=onlygaming3
    1 edits
    rounds :D
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