After Work Cup #1
In the last times, wasn´t the Trackmania Forever Section active, now we will change it. We will begin with some small Cups in a week, the After Work Cup or short AWC. The AWC is a Cup for people they have fun to play in a week and to beat with other TMNF Players. You are interested, then read this news.

What is the After Work Cup

It´s a Cup for people, they have fun to play in a week and to beat with other TMNF Players.

What do you need to play in this Cup

Eligibility requirements
For the After Work Cups you must execute all terms:
  • Registered Gameaccount: Register - Login example - Guide
  • First residence in:

  • Cupdetails for the After Work Cups #1
    For the next week we had intended a Cup .

    Here are now all informations for the After Work Cup #1:

    Modus: Timeattack
    Limit: 7min 30sek [7:30]
    Participant: 16 Players in Single Elimination
    Map: "Tears of the past" | download
    Server: behind agreement
    Cupstart: Tuesday, den 08.05.2012 19:30 CET

    Info & Details | Rules

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    (The Registration phase is open until Tuesday, 08.05.2012 19:30 CET.)

    ESL Admin Team
    Force, Tuesday, 01/05/12 16:19
    After Work Cup #1
    comments (7)
    nice gogo
    Finally some action again. gogo
    great to hear this! let the engines do their work!
    I'm in, let's roll :)
    which servver we play? :O
    who is the admin? where do we play?
    all must have an own server. when nobody has one then write it into the match comments i have 1 server.
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