CM Storm Super June Cup 3
Cup 2 has been played, but with 4 cups to go, still anyone can qualify for the final cup where prizes can be won by all eight finalists! Read down below for some details on the next cups.

CM Storm Super June Cup #2

In the second cup, LLL RoB and RAGE Spam were once again able to reach the final. This time they were joined by Fragius and mCon Arrayan. The top 2 ended up the same as in cup #1, where Spam was able to beat RoB. For the third place, Fragius managed to stay ahead of Arrayan.

The standings

This cup only four players received points, as we did not have more than 8 signups.

1st Spam9 pts.
2nd RoB7 pts.
3rd Nielos3 pts.
4th Ruts2 pts.
4th Fragius2 pts.
6th flits1 pt.
6th Swift1 pt.
6th Moldo1 pt.
6th Arrayan1 pt.

Please remember that the top 8 in the standings after 6 Super June Cups will qualify for the Final Cup. There the players will have a shot at the grand prize.

New maps

Hereby we announce that we will use four new maps for the Cups #4, #5 and #6. The third cup that will be hosted this Wednesday will still use the Green mappack. The next maps are:
Orange Monday by Sharky
Orange Smoothness by DeFacer
OrangeMini by Hitchy
Orange Taste by Kiko31


We have now opened the signup for the fourth cup, which will be held next Sunday, 19 June. Of course you can still sign up for the cup this Wednesday, 15 June. Both cups will start at 19:30 CET.

Signup for CM Storm Super June Cup #3!

Signup for CM Storm Super June Cup #4!

Remember to leave a comment for any questions or visit our Media Partner Bescene.net for additional and updated newsposts!

Moldo, Monday, 13/06/11 23:29
comments (9)
nou wanneer gaan we beginnen ?
Spam wrote:
nou wanneer gaan we beginnen ?

niet volgens rob vanwege te weinig mensen, ik heb trouwens nog iemand die mee wil doen als dat kan (taart)
en ik zou btw vndg wat puntjes wille scoren omdat ik op zondagen al niet kan spelen moet ik zien dat ik ze door de week haal
beter verplaatsen we deze naar morgen ofzo?
Cup 3 will be played today at 19.30 We want more contestants! Just be on irc #esl.tm.blx ;)
1 edits
i'll be there
i had try to regist i hope i'm in
thanks for the support, apologies for wednesday :D
fail tournament tree ;) i won vs sheep and lost vs spam
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